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Hug Benefits – How Hug Can Make Us Healthier? – Amir Articles

It is also an important reason why the simple act of hugging is such an unimaginable way. Read about Hug Benefits you must know.


It is great to have the “hug threshold” that allows your body to produce large amounts of oxytocin, released in response to physical touch. The neuropeptide oxytocin, released by your pituitary gland, is a naturally occurring hormone in your body with potent, health-giving properties.

It is also an important reason why the simple act of hugging is such an unimaginable way to bond with others and raise your physical, emotional health.

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How Hug Makes Us Healthier?

Hugging raises the levels of the “love hormone” called oxytocin. This, in turn, may have beneficial impacts on your heart health and more. One study found, for instance, that women had lower blood pressure following a brief experience of warm association with their partner.

A 10-second hug, along with 10 minutes of hand-holding, also defeats the harmful physical effects of stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate. That makes sense, as hugging is known to lower levels of stress hormones like cortisol.

A 10-second hug a day can begin biochemical and physiological effects in your body that can significantly grow your health.

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Read all those Hug Benefits below. According to one research, this includes:

Cuddling can boost your immune system.

You have listened to the phrase, ‘When we’re happy, we’re healthy.’ It’s correct! When we’re happy, we release optimum serotonin levels, and oxytocin and serotonin have also been connected to immune system development.

If we’re hugging or cuddling with someone, behind the science of hormones, it’s probably a soul we care for. These people should generally make us cheering. When we feel happy and cared for, we feel secure and thrilled about the future, which lessens anxiety and sadness, leading to a weak immune system. Please take a moment to hug someone and give them a boosted immune system.

Cuddling reduces stress

Are you having a dull day? Or feeling down? You might need a hug.

Does this scenario:

  • You have a terrible day.
  • You see a friend.
  • Friend says, “you look like you need a hug.”, you say, “yes, I do.”, your friend hugs you.

Now come to the science: oxytocin is released, and stress levels lower and level of anxiety. The day begins to get better.

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, you might need a hug.

Cuddling develops good relationships.

In the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, he identifies physical touching is one of five ways to show love or want love to be expressed to us. For several, it’s more significant than words of acceptance, acts of service, receiving gifts, or spending quality time together.

Those people who called themselves “Cuddlers” have identified their love language! They need to get this need met to feel loved and accepted. While experiencing physical touch by people nearest to us is ideal, it can also be boost with pets who can also be significant “cuddlers.”

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Cuddling promotes a mom and child’s relationship.

When moms have a new child, oxytocin is the hormone released into the bloodstream to extract breast milk. Not only does the baby induce the release of oxytocin, but since the mother is cuddling the baby, she is also experiencing oxytocin emotions of stress decrease, anxiety reduction, and feelings of pleasure.

It is vital for both mother and baby. Skin-to-skin touch right after a baby is delivered and in the hours and days before the delivery is a beautiful way to bond with your child. One of best Hug Benefits compare to others.

The Benefits of Cuddling:

Cuddling is one of the most potent forms of touching because you can have full body touch with another human. It is so compelling that cuddle expert Samantha Hess has done a business out of it.

Samantha believes that cuddling—even with strangers can have a multitude of benefits. She has made cuddling a business! To know more interesting facts about health, visit the health and wellness platform in Singapore. 

At her cuddle workshop, you can choose a male or female cuddler. They can be same-sex or opposite-sex cuddle gatherings.

She is strict. Cuddle gatherings are not for sexual enjoyment. She ‘has positions’ that can limit sexual feelings.

You can pick from four cuddle-themed rooms—the seaside room, the forest room, the outer space room, and the red room.

Yes, you have to sign many papers before a session.

Samantha has found more than 50 cuddle positions from the Blooming Lotus (cross-legged facing each other with your legs intertwined) to the Fortune Cookie (one seated in front and one placed behind) 

Cuddling Tips:

I have done many cuddle session with Samantha where we tried a bunch of her cuddle positions. Since cuddling can relax you and connect you to your partner, I could learn some essential touches for you to try at home.

Begin gently; if you are not very comfortable with touch but still want to obtain the benefits, Samantha recommends starting with more comfortable positions—back to back while reading or side by side. Even a little touch can help warm up your body.

Value Your Body! Sometimes shoulders can ache, or joints can get numb from staying in the same state for too long. Be sure to change it up.

Ok, that’s all I got for this post. I believe you learned a little bit more about touching and hugging.

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