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Hybrid WAN vs SD-WAN

Most company WANs have traditionally employed MPLS, but as cloud resources and mobile users increase, businesses are discovering the need for more flexible connectivity. When making this decision, they have several options to consider, but one of the first is whether to use a hybrid WAN or an SD-WAN. Read everything about Hybrid WAN vs SD-WAN below.

Two different types of network services connect locations in a hybrid WAN. One network service is usually MPLS, while the other is usually an Internet connection. While some businesses will have an active MPLS connection with a backup Internet/VPN connection, hybrid WAN uses both.

SD-WAN vs. Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN and Software-defined WAN technologies make today’s WAN more flexible and adaptable, allowing it to address issues that plague outdated WAN technology.

In the networking and telecom community, the argument over hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN is raging. Interestingly, both of these technologies are designed to make your existing WAN configuration more flexible and agile, hence addressing any issues that may present in your current WAN design.

Hybrid WAN is widely regarded as a precursor to SD-WAN. A Hybrid WAN installation comes with service provisioning, analytics, and other services, whereas MPLS gives major companies service agreements that incorporate extra services.

In addition, some users may be left wanting more as a result of a Hybrid WAN installation. Although it reduces traffic congestion and improves bandwidth efficiency, defining routing application data to the appropriate circuit can be difficult. 

It can sometimes be tough to figure out where the traffic went. As a result, an SD-WAN implementation may be required to overcome these obstacles. SD-WAN technology allows you to create virtual overlays and move your network management to the cloud, lowering your on-premise costs. Furthermore, it is appropriate for both large and small businesses due to its guaranteed application performance and business policy automation.

As a result, when comparing Hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN, SD-WAN is still the favored solution, and most network administrators are using it as a future-proof technology. In the absence of expert advice, it can be difficult for a company to make the best network configuration decision.

Making a Decision

Some SD-WAN providers have combined the benefits of SD-WAN with the challenges of a standard SD-WAN solution to get the best of both worlds. That means providing MPLS-like predictability and performance while also integrating a firewall-as-a-service that makes firewall services available to all locations. 

The entire WAN is connected to a logical, single firewall through an application-aware security policy, allowing for a unified security policy and a holistic view of the entire WAN in this example. Other issues, such as cloud and mobile, are also addressed by SD-WAN-as-a-service solutions.

When deciding between hybrid WAN and SD-WAN, most firms consider whether or not MPLS can be replaced. With the substantial improvement in Internet performance, a company should ensure that an SD-WAN solution can handle the needs while also providing agility and cost benefits over hybrid WAN. If a company finds itself in a situation where MPLS is required, a hybrid WAN solution can be used.

Conclusion: Hence, one can make use of the Hybrid wan in the best possible way as it does help companies to progress, save time and increase their performance. 

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