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How Can Hydrovac Trucks Help In Hydro Excavation?

Hydrovac Trucks Help In Hydro Excavation specially made to create a slurry with the help of high-pressure water and a high-volume vacuum


Hydro excavation or hydrovac excavation is revolutionizing the process because of the safety and comfort in completing the excavation projects. Hydrovac service providers use hydrovac trucks specially made to create a slurry with the help of high-pressure water and a high-volume vacuum. You should prefer Canadian hydrovac over traditional excavation services to get things done in more cost-effective, reliable, and accurate ways.

What is a hydrovac truck?

Hydrovac trucks are also known as hydro excavation trucks because of their specialized built and specific uses. These trucks use high-pressure water into the ground by using a specialized hose. This process liquefies the soil called slurry. The next step is removing the slurry with the help of a high-volume vacuum attached to the hydro vac truck. The slurry is stored on the tank top mounted on the hydro-vac truck, then dumped into the safe place. Besides this, you can visit ADP Group to find various types of excavation services.

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Uses in hydro excavation:

Traditional ways to complete the excavation projects are yellow-iron equipment and manual digging. These methods are notorious because of unwanted damage to the supplies and surrounding earth surfaces. On the other hand, hydrovac services are incredibly safe, fast, and cost-effective. The extent of damage to soil and supplies is minimum when you use Canadian hydrovac for your excavation projects. Hydro vac trucks help in the hydro excavation in the following ways:

1. Safety of the process:

Hydrovac trucks are efficient in carrying out the excavation job on their own. These trucks require minimal human labour, which is a significant drawback when you use manual excavation. Hydrovac trucks ensure the proper pressure of water to liquidate the soil effectively. Moreover, different shapes of hoses can be used to fit the narrow or deep excavation sites. The process of hydro excavation is very safe for the underground utilities and surrounding soil. Hydorvac trucks minimize the chances of hazards for human labour.

2. Faster process:

Manual excavation is carried out with the help of human labour and yellow-iron equipment. The speed of project completion is prolonged in traditional excavation. Canadian hydrovac utilizes hydrovac trucks to complete the job at much faster rates. These trucks are very efficient because of the automated and perfectly controlled excavation process. Cold weather excavation and deep excavation require more time to complete. Still, hydrovac trucks can complete these excavation projects as efficiently as the other types of excavation.

3. Precision and accuracy:

Some excavation projects like potholing, daylighting, trenching, and pole excavation require extremely precise soil cutting. Traditional excavation is not very efficient to dig in specific depths and widths. Hydrovac services are exact and accurate in this regard. You can use the proper type of hydrovac truck, hose, and water pressure to cut into pre-defined widths and depth. The process is entirely automated and rules out the chances of human error.

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4. Controlled excavation:

People prefer Canadian hydrovac services over traditional excavation because hydro excavation is a controlled process. Hydrovac trucks are efficient enough to control the pressure of water, the volume of vacuum, and the area of soil liquefaction. Controlled excavation reduces the risk of unwanted damages to the soil and utilities.

5. A full package:

Hydrovac trucks can carry out almost every type of excavation project with improved accuracy and efficiency. You can rely on hydrovac service providers for your daylighting, potholing, deep excavation, cold weather excavation, waste removal, pole excavation, and trenching projects. All these projects can be completed with high-pressure water and vacuum. It minimizes the dependency on additional equipment.

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Canadian hydrovac utilizes special hydrovac trucks to complete nearly every type of excavation project. Hydroavc trucks use high-pressure water and high volume vacuum to create slurry during the excavation process. All the operations are fully automated, and a hydrovac truck minimizes the need for manual labour. In this way, the process of excavation becomes faster, precise, and more efficient.

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