How To Improve The Attempts And Timing In The IBPS PO Examination

Candidates who appear in IBPS PO Examination but could not qualify it in the first attempt or more than one attempt should not lose heart.


Candidates who appear in the IBPS PO exam but could not qualify it in the first attempt or more than one attempt should not lose heart. Everything in this world has a solution; hence one should strive for the best. In case you are preparing for the upcoming attempt of the IBPS PO exam but not feeling confident. There are some useful preparation tips to improve the attempts and timings in the IBPS PO exam. Let us discuss some of them so that you can ace the exam with flying colors.

Focus on understanding the intricate topics

In case it is going to be your second or third attempt, you must be aware of the topics that are not in your reach. Focus more on the intricate topics by giving a thorough read from the resource books or study material. It will give you a thorough revision, and you will be able to overcome your weak topics. However, you can start your exam preparations with easy topics to have a comfortable start to your studies. It will boost your confidence, and you will be able to prepare intricate topics effectively.


Prepare a smart study time table covering all the sections in one sitting.

Plan your studies smartly by crafting a timetable covering all the sections in one sitting. Make a time table so that you give at least one hour to each section. The time table should be topic-wise. It will help you cover the entire syllabus as the selective study does not fetch a good score—plan so that you cover the syllabus effectively.

Set weekly goals and do self-analysis

It is advisable to set weekly goals and cover those topics within the stipulated time. After covering those topics, then make a self-analysis of them by taking topic tests from the online test series of IBPS PO EXAM. In case you have joined online coaching for IBPS PO EXAM, it will be easy for you to take the online test series as it is an inbuilt option with the study module of online coaching.

Attempt various mock test and previous year question papers 

You can attempt full-length mock tests from the online test series as you prepare for the second time for the exam. Keep taking the same and analyze your performance and revise the difficult topics from the notes and video lectures. For effective revision, one can join online coaching for IBPS PO exam. Besides taking mock tests, one should refer to the previous year’s question papers to know the latest exam pattern if you are not aware of it before.

At times, candidates only study the topics but do not explore the previous year’s question papers, which helps them know the topics frequently. Prepare intricate topics and topics with maximum weightage.

Enhance time management skills

Improve your time management skills by practicing a lot of speed tests. Monitor the time taken to attempt the number of questions given in the speed test. In case you took more than the stipulated time, then practice more. Try to attempt the speed tests in the given time. Keep practicing unless you reach the required speed. IBPS PO exam comprises sectional timings, which can only be accomplished unless you have gained enough speed in solving the questions quickly.


Avoid guesswork

Most of the time, it is observed that candidates tend to attempt the entire question paper. It is not required for competitive job exams like IBPS PO, SBI CLERK, SSC CGL, etc., because they follow negative marking. Guesswork backfires, and you lose your score of the good attempts. Avoid guesswork to enhance the chances of scoring high and not falling into the trap of negative marking.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to qualify UPCOMING IBPS PO exam rather than failing. Keep your spirits high and study well. Revise every topic thoroughly and make them your strengths.

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