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4 Ideas for ADU Appliances

When building an ADU, not only do you need to figure out the general structure of it, but also what it is going to look like on the inside when it is fully complete. That is why we have put together 5 ideas for ADU appliances that will have your ADU looking cozy instead of cramped.

Efficiency Kitchens

Kitchens require a number of appliances to fully function that can take up quite a bit of room. However, there is a way to combine a number of these appliances into one, compact unit.

An efficiency kitchen contains:

  • Refrigerator
  • Cooktop
  • Sink/faucet
  • Storage

Washer And Dryer Combo

Don’t make one of the biggest ADU mistakes of not including a way to do laundry within their ADU. Although things like laundromats exist, almost everyone would prefer to be able to wash their clothes from the comfort of their home. How do you add a washer and dryer into your ADU while still saving space?

With a washer and dryer combo! These unique and compact machines are a washer and a dryer in one unit. The machine washes the clothes and then dries them without you having to take them out or push any extra buttons between cycles. Plus it takes up a lot less space in your unit!

A Murphy Bed

Sacrificing the size of your bed can mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep. However, there is a way to have the size bed you want while still maintaining valuable living space in your ADU.

A murphy bed folds up into the wall or even a couch during the day and then back out into a bed at night. By doing so, it ensures your ADU has plenty of living space during the day, but you also still get a good night’s sleep.

Tankless Water Heaters

Warm water is a necessity but water heaters tend to take up a ton of valuable space. An easy solution to this is to use a tankless water heater instead.

These on-demand water heaters create hot water only when needed, making them not only easier to fit into your home, but also more energy efficient.

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