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Igloo Coolers With Wheels

Igloo coolers are a classic design that has been around for many years. It is possible that you have one in your garage. You may not be aware of the advancements in cooler technology. Because they offer an impressive ice lifetime of up to seven days, roto-molded coolers such as YETI or Pelican are gaining popularity. Although the older Igloo coolers may not be as competitive, Igloo isn’t content with sleeping. Igloo coolers are now offering roto-molded models. This is how you can find the right igloo cooler to suit your needs.

Choosing the Best Igloo Cooler

Are there Igloo coolers capable of holding their own in the rotomolded movement? We compiled a list of Igloo coolers that are best-sellers, both the classic and newer rotomolded chests, and then reviewed them rigorously to determine which Igloo coolers were worth your money.

1. Igloo Trailmate Journey

All-Around Best Igloo Cooler

We are recommending the Igloo Trailmate Journey as our top choice for the best igloo cooler. It has a lot of useful features, but none is more important than the never-flay tires. This cooler is a must-have.

Ice Life: Excellent. This amazing wheeled cooler can hold ice for up 4-5 days. It’s great for day trips, weekend getaways and all other occasions.

Key Features: Never-flat tires and a stainless steel tow handle make it easy to tow. There are 6 cups holders, numerous accessory holders, dry storage compartments and dry food baskets inside.

Useful for: Beach, camping, surfing and park.


Recommendation – This Igloo cooler, which is ultra portable, is our favorite product. The cooler retains ice for as long as the premium coolers, and can keep it cold for up to 4-5 days. The wheels are where this cooler shines. These wheels are large enough to handle any terrain, sand or grass, and they won’t ever go flat. This is the ideal companion for families and trips to the beach, with 6 cup holders and a dry food basket. This video is a great example of why this cooler is so special.

2. Igloo Sportsman 20

Best igloo cooler for the beach

The Igloo Sportsman 20qt cooler makes a great companion for day trips. The rotomolded design means you have ice for fishing, kayaking or just going to the beach. This cooler is great if you have a small freezer.

Ice life: Excellent. The Sportsman 20’s thick insulation and rotomolded design provide great ice life. It can hold ice for around 3-4 days depending on how frequently you open the lid and how much ice is added.

The YETI Roadie 20, which is nearly identical, has a few key features. It has the same ice chest design as the YETI Roadie 20, but thicker rubber latches and a huge 2” drain hole. The lid has 2 cupholders. The lid has a rubber gasket that seals the cooler when closed. It is also bearproof. There’s a hole in the lid and tub to lock it up. You can also get it in tan, which is easier to clean. It is very easy to transport due to its stainless steel handle.

Good For: Fishing, kayaking, day-trips, beach days, etc.

Negatives: The pictured stainless steel/rubber handle is not often what the company sent to customers. Igloo coolers instead sends them with a plastic handle that is less durable than advertised. This is not a major problem, but it is something to be aware of.

Recommendation – The Sportsman 20 is a great ice fisherman, but its small size could limit its utility. This is a great choice for day trips to the beach, park, or kayaking. However, it’s not recommended for small fish fishing. Even though ice can last for several days, it is possible that it might be too short to last that long – unless you pack light if you are the only one packing. These coolers are a cheaper option than the YETI, but they have some quality issues like the plastic handle. You can either pay more for the brand and quality or save money and get the same quality. It’s up to your choice.

3. Igloo 55 Quart Sportman Cooler

Best Igloo Cooler for Ice Life

The Sportsman 20qt is too big for you? The 55qt will be your friend. These Igloo coolers are comparable to premium brands such as YETI. They provide you with around 5 days of ice in a compact and useful size. It’s worth a look.

Ice Life: Amazing. The Igloo Sportsman is a great alternative to the Super Tough, which can only give you 1-2 days of ice. The Sportsman can provide you with ice for around 5-6 days (potentially 7). The ice retention of the Sportsman depends on many factors. However, it can hold its own against similar-sized YETI iceboxes or other rotomolded models. This Igloo cooler is among the best.

Key Features: Large 2″ drain hole drains very quickly, rubber lid gasket and thick rubber latches. This hook is larger than YETI. It has a hole connecting lid to tub for bear-proof locking. Thick insulation, virtually indestructible, roto-molded design. Also available in tan.

Useful for: Fishing, hunting, camping and day trips. Also, great for entertaining. Very versatile.

Negatives: The plastic handles of cooler brands aren’t as strong as rope.

Recommendation – Igloo has really upped their game with the Sportsman cooler. The cooler has very similar features and performance as a YETI but at a lower price. There are some differences in quality. For example, the plastic handles could be more fragile than rope and may not last as long. You may also get less ice with the YETI. However, you can still expect at least five days of ice and many other great features. Although the cooler is slightly less expensive, it will still provide a great value. It all depends on whether you are willing to spend more for quality or save money. If you want long-lasting ice, this is the best Igloo cooler available.

4. Igloo SuperTough STX Cooler

The Best Igloo Cooler to Save Money

Super Tough STX can be described as a hybrid. It combines the best of both the Sportsman rotomolded and traditional Igloo. In a flexible size, you can expect to get 3-4 days of ice. However, the STX will not have the same build quality as the Sportsman.

Ice life: Good. Although the Super Tough cooler is not a YETI-class cooler, it can keep ice for up to 5-6 days. However, it can store ice for at least 2-3 days under ideal conditions. Good, but not great.

Key Features: Available in a brown color, stainless steel hinges have well-attached and sturdy handles, excellent ice life, metal cables that hold lid open, durable manufacturing, and are affordable.

Useful for: Camping trips, weekend use fishing, entertaining, catering

Negatives: Although ice retention is acceptable, it is not exceptional. Dependent on the weather conditions, you can expect 2-3 days worth of ice. It can get quite heavy when it is full. It doesn’t have a rubber lid gasket so it isn’t as sealed or insulated.

Recommendation – The Super Tough Igloo cooler offers a great value for money. Although it’s not a YETI, it is very tough and has many great features at a fraction the price. It is durable and can keep ice for up to 2.5 days. This makes it great for weekend trips. There will be some melting, so drain it well and refill if needed. It’s an affordable Igloo cooler that will last for up to 4 days.

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