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The Environmental Impact Of Improper Waste Disposal

The environment and public health are at risk of grave consequences of waste disposal. Read about “Impact Of Improper Waste Disposal”


Improper waste disposal can cause air, water, and soil pollution because trash contains hazardous materials, including dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, emissions, and toxins. The environment and public health are at risk of grave consequences of improper waste disposal. How bad is the waste problem in the country and worldwide? Every year, the amount of waste produced in Australia doubles the country’s population with 10 million plastic bags being used a day as you can check out in statistical reports.   Learn more about the environmental effects of improper waste disposal below.  
Impact Of Improper Waste Disposal
Impact Of Improper Waste Disposal

Greenhouse Gas Effect 

Improper waste disposal contributes to the greenhouse gas effect, causing significant harm to wildlife and marine creatures. What is greenhouse gas effect? This natural process warms the Earth’s surface due to the sun’s energy easily reaching the atmosphere.  While some of the sun’s radiation reflects back to space, the rest is absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere and redistributed in various directions by greenhouse gas molecules. The effect of this is a warming of the Earth’s surface.  Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and fluorinated gases are responsible for the greenhouse gas effect. Organic waste decomposition results in the production of methane gas and carbon dioxide, which contribute to the greenhouse gas effect, climate change, and global warming. Below are some tips to help reduce the greenhouse gas effect: 
  • Use Renewable Energy: You can help avoid worsening the greenhouse gas effect by making your home more eco-friendly by using renewable energy such as solar energy. 
  • Reduce Energy Consumption: Reducing your energy consumption at home can help reduce the greenhouse gas effect. Recycle and reuse things to avoid them ending in landfills.  
  • Reduce Unnecessary Travels: Driving your car generates carbon emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect. So, plan your trips to avoid going back and forth to the supermarket or any place you regularly visit. If you’re heading for a holiday vacation, follow an itinerary to commute less and enjoy more. 

Water Pollution  

A major part of the Earth consists of water. The different bodies of water include rivers, lakes, and oceans wherein marine creatures, like fish, turtles, shells, clams, and seaweeds live. However, water pollution occurs due to improper waste disposal such as marine dumping. Marine dumping refers to the deliberate waste disposal at sea causing water pollution. Fish and sea turtles mistakenly consume plastic bags and other types of garbage. With ocean dumping, the oxygen levels in the water deplete, negatively affecting the health of marine life creatures. If improper waste disposal in oceans continues, dolphins, whales, sharks, herring, and penguins could die because plastic bags and bottles can choke or suffocate them. Look at these tips to reduce water or marine pollution: 
  • Avoid dumping trashes, especially plastic bags and bottles on different bodies of water.  
  • Participate in seacoast clean-up drives in your local area. 
  • Avoid using plastic items as much as possible.  
  • Check your house’s plumbing system regularly to ensure a safe water system. 

Soil Pollution  

Improper waste disposal can cause poor soil quality. There are many possible causes of soil pollution such as industrial waste, in which chemical release in the environment affects soil quality. Other causes of soil contamination include deforestation, use of pesticides and fertilizers, and garbage.  Careless trash dumping in land areas causes eyesore and environmental impacts. Wastes buried or dumped on land may contain toxins and harmful chemicals, causing loss of soil fertility. If the soil isn’t viable for planting, food production declines, affecting the food supply.  Here are some ways to reduce soil pollution: 
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Check the things you’re planning to dispose of because you might create something new out of them or convert them to something useful. Paper, aluminum, and glass are recyclables.  
    • Use Biodegradable Products: Instead of plastic bags, you can use biodegradable bags or cartons for packaging. They’re easier to break down on the soil when disposed of in landfills.  
  • Reduce Using Fertilizers and Pesticides: Create compost out of your kitchen and yard waste, which is a great way to produce organic fertilizer. Instead of chemical fertilizers, you can use compost in your garden plants and crops which can nourish your soil. 


Everybody should be aware of the ill effects of improper waste disposal on the environment and even on human health. Millions and tons of waste are produced worldwide every day and it’s steadily increasing, which makes waste management more difficult for the government authorities to monitor and handle waste disposal. Therefore, everyone has a responsibility to implement proper waste disposal practices and encourage others to do the same. So, how do you contribute to reducing environmental problems when it comes to managing your waste?

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