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Importance of HRD Attestation in UAE

The attestation of documents is mandatory everywhere around the world. The attestation gives your documents and certificates more value and authenticity. The attesting officer will put the sign and seal on your documents/certificates, which increases their authenticity. Read everything about Importance of HRD Attestation in UAE below.

In this article, you will learn why attestation of documents is necessary for UAE? What is the importance of attestation? And many more points you must consider if you have the paperwork. In the UAE attestation of your documents are handled by some agenies, and you can find them easily on the internet. 

The United Arab Emirates, also known as the Emirates, is a West Asian country located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Thousands of people migrate to the UAE every year, especially Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, every year for jobs and better lives. Millions of tourists visit the UAE and bring a sizable amount of wealth to the Emirates.

Hence, there is a lot of paperwork and documentation in the HRD (Human Resource Development) department. This department has to evaluate and approve the documents and certificates of immigrants, tourists, people in business, students, etc.

What are the certificates and documents to be attested?

Whether you are an expatriate, applying for employment, a student seeking higher education, considering resident status, etc., you need many documents to be attested. Depending on your purpose, the type and number of documents to be attested will change. Be careful to select the proper papers and certificates for your purpose.

Here is the list of documents you would have to attest and submit to the HRD department.

The Educational Document/certificate

  • School/college leaving certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Pre-degree or PG certificate
  • Marks sheet
  • BTech, BE, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, and MBBS certificates.
  • Diploma, SSC & HSC certificates
  • Nursing certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Transcript certificate
  • B.Ed, MS MD & Ph.D. certificate

Personal Documents/certificates

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • Leaving certificate
  • Marriage affidavit certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Bonafide certificate

Commercial Documents/certificate

  • Certificate of origin
  • Chemical/physical analysis
  • Reports of products
  • Special certificate
  • Invoices
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Packaging list
  • Power of attorney
  • Memorandum of association

Why is attestation so important in the UAE?

Whether you are applying for employment, moving in for a better life, or starting a business in the UAE, you need the appropriate documents for it. There have been many cases of fraud and cheating in the country. 

Hence, the HRD ministry has made it compulsory to get all the documents attested. Now, all the certificates and documents are thoroughly scanned and documented by the department. They even send the inquiry to the origin of the certifying authority if they feel something unusual.

You can get genuine agencies in UAE attestation of your documents. You need to pay some fee, and you will get all the papers cleared and attested by them. The procedure will be a lot smoother if you find an agency to do the paperwork for you. Going to the officers who can attest to the documents is very time-consuming. It is better to transfer the paperwork to a good agency.

Having the right certificate and documents are just not enough. Unless you have it attested by an authority, the certificates/documents are not accepted by the departments in UAE. Ensure you find the right people for the attestation and submit all the documents needed for your purpose.

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