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Before converting your file to any format, you need to know the difference between these formats. Read about the Importance Of PDF.


Before converting your file to any format, you need to know the difference between these formats. You also need to understand their specific uses and why they use them. For example, when you convert pdf to pdfa, do you know what it stands for? There is the reason for the “a” at the end of the format. Some people are keen on these things, and they know precisely why there is a need to use this format. But for those who are new, then you better read further. You will understand what pdf/a or PDF/A stands for. Read below important points on this topic “Importance Of PDF”

Future-Proofing Your Documents with PDF/A 

PDFA is like any pdf format but with an added feature. Thus, there will come a time that files and formats will change. We have seen this with operating systems and softwares. There are word processors that we could no longer open with current applications. There are files and other formats that need older applications to run.

Still, some files can no longer work in the current computing environment. This is the purpose of the pdf/a format. The “a” stands for archive or archiving. If you want documents to still work despite the changes in the computing environment in the future, then you need pdf/a. Hence, you need to convert PDF to PDFA formats for easy access to the aforementioned file issues. 

Some documents need archiving—for example, thesis, research paper, literary documents, and the like. There are also image files that you might want to convert to this format to preserve their integrity. That is why having the ability to convert documents into different formats like pdf or pdf/a is valuable. This ability saves you time and effort. It also protects your records if you might want to use them again for reference or other ways. 

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Using PDFBear To Convert Your PDF Files To PDF/A

PDFBear is that one lightweight but robust tool that can answer your needs. It is an online converter that lets you convert files in different formats. Is there a catch? No. You can use the free version or the pro version without any inconveniences. The only difference is that the pro version has added value. You have dedicated customer support to help you when things get out of place. You also have unlimited security for your files if you decide to store them in the PDF cloud. 

Another advantage of using the PDFBear pro version is its unlimited capacity to assist you in any file size. You can upload file size from small to large without any difficulty. You can also manage several tasks at the same time. You can also store as many files as you want in the converter cloud. 

The Converter Cloud: A Reliable Backup

Storing your PDFBear converted files on the pdf cloud makes sense. There are times when your computer gets unreliable. There are also instances when your computer gets infected, wiping out your precious files. Getting your files or copies of your files on a second storage system can give you peace of mind. The free version deletes the files after an hour. The pr provides you with an option to delete or not. 

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Steps in converting your PDF files to PDF/A

The steps are straightforward and fast. All you need to have is your computer, a working browser, and an internet connection. You can use any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any similar browser. These browsers should have the latest version. You need to access the PDFBear website. The main page will give you a list of tools you need. You choose PDF to PDF/A in the options or choices. 

The converter tool lets you drag or drop files of your choice. Then, the tool will scan the uploaded file. You wait for the converter to finish converting the file. The converted file will appear and will give you an option to download it. You can now use the PDF/A for its intended use, which is for storage. The version that PDFBear creates preserves the integrity of the files in terms of details. You can have an image file, and it will look a lot like the original. It is also future-proof. 

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In Conclusion

In hindsight, we have no idea what technology will look like in 50 years. We also don’t know if all the things we use today will still be usable in the future. Technology keeps on changing. It is the need that drives this. The need for speed, more space, convenience, and other things contribute to how technology must evolve. Thus, this is why PDF/A was created to protect your files. These might not be research or work files. They can be personal files with sentimental value. And this is why PDF/A is a critical format. Hope you love reading “Importance Of PDF”

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