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Important Tips to Prevent cycle injuries on the Road

Road accidents are becoming very prevalent every year, in spite of the effective accident-avoidance protocols in place. One needs to be very cautious while driving on the road, irrespective of the vehicle one is in. It is very important for people who opt for a cycle commute. As the chance of getting hurt is very high for cycle commuters, extra mindfulness is necessary. 

Most people who opt for folding cycles must also be aware of the road conditions. One must invest in good grip and high comfort cycles like leader cycle 26T that offers you a smooth and safe ride on the roads. In this article, we have mentioned some of the Important tips to prevent cycle injuries on the road. 

Helmet is compulsory 

Research claims that wearing a protective helmet can diminish the danger of genuine physical damage by 70%. Head wounds are the main source of lethal bicycle mishaps. Sadly, 97% of casualties don’t wear protective caps. Basically, wearing a protective cap can forestall numerous unexpected bicycles accidents. So, it is best to wear helmets even for folding cycles

Focus on the road 

Most of the time, such accidents happen because of the distraction of the rider. It is of primal significance that the rider must have utmost concentration on the road while driving or riding the bicycle. By keeping your focus on the road, you can effectively avoid obstacles like potholes, rocky terrain, and many more without slipping. 

Invest in the best cycle

It is also essential to buy the best quality cycle that offers you maximum comfort and superior control while riding. No matter how costly it is, buying a good quality cycle has the advantage of saving your life. You can get the leader cycle 26T as it is known for rendering utmost control to the user along with a smooth riding experience. 

Use right signals 

Many bicycle mishaps happen at or close to convergence. Ensure that you’re completely acquainted with bicycle hand signals. You should have the option to speak with adjacent drivers and different cyclists. A driver can’t expect what you will do except if you give reasonable admonition. Ensure that your hand signals are self-evident and clear to other people. Mishaps are less inclined to happen when everybody out and about is in total agreement.

Go with the traffic flow 

Even if you ride on the folding cycles, the best-advised way is to go with the traffic flow. Go the similar way as different vehicles out and about. Mishaps are substantially more liable to happen when you contradict some common norms. Assuming a mishap happens when you’re riding against the progression of traffic, you’re bound to be to blame for the accident. 

Check the condition of your cycle 

Bike gear glitches add to a critical number of accidents. You can decrease the danger of a hardware-related mishap by actually looking at your bicycle before you hit the road. Make sure your tires are appropriately expanded. Check your reflectors and lights to ensure that they’re working. Investigate your chains and cogwheels for any imperfections, cracks, or issues. These basic advances can forestall a mishap that could completely change you.

Do not do stunts on the road

Majority of the bicycle accidents occur due to stunts performed in heavy moving traffic. You might have an incredible feeling of equilibrium. This doesn’t permit you to ride your bicycle without keeping any hands on the handlebars. You can get the leader cycle 26T, whose hand bears are present in a comfortable position for you.

Refraining from doing heavy stunts on the road will keep you safe and healthy. You can find many amazing models of foldable cycles at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get them at amazing benefits like no-cost EMI and zero down payment option.

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