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Factors That Improve Employee’s Productivity In 2021

After the Covid 19 outbreak has widely impacted organizations’ throughputs, read how to Improve Employee Productivity after Pandemic.


A dynamic set of factors and training has a significant impact on employee’s efficiency. Unfortunately, it is one of the most significant areas in which corporations lack their employees’ productivity.

After the Covid 19 outbreak has widely impacted organizations’ throughputs, it has become difficult to motivate employees to increase their efficiency.

Employers today need to understand the challenges that can crash the employee’s performance and hire some competent factors to eliminate those challenges.

The constant distraction, inevitable networking around the workplace, deprives the teams of focus, resulting in lower productivity output, directly impacting the corporation’s accomplishments. 

Corporations today are fighting tooth and nail for a more productive workforce. They aspire to improve the ways to keep their employees encouraged and connected to increase their productivity. 

The current pandemic has significantly affected the work velocity. Employers today need to add new amendments and adjustments to overcome and handle the more recent ways of working. All important points in “Improve Employee Productivity” are explained below.

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Seven Secrets to making sure the employees stay productive

In 2021, companies’ most significant challenges are finding ways to mitigate the consequences of crises caused by covid lockdowns. Today, employers’ most critical problem is retaining employees’ trust to maintain their productivity, directly impacting companies’ achievement. 

Employers nowadays need to buckle down their employees’ concerns and bring back their motivation to improve work productivity. 

Let’s take a round at six secrets whose adaption can ensure the employee’s productivity.

Keep the Workplace Social When Employees Are Socially Distanced

Current social challenges can significantly disrupt employees’ productivity. The recent social tendency has made people generally distanced interrupting their efficiency and productivity. Most important in our list for Improve Employee Productivity.

In this situation, when people are working from home and have become usual to social distancing, managers and organizations need to assist their employees and encourage their engagement to impact the company’s environment and employees’ experience directly.

In this era, the leaders and HR are the ones who need to lead the transformation and add transparency to their workplace or virtual employee onboarding programs

Keep the Workplace Social When Employees Are Socially Distanced

While being socially distanced, trust and transparency are the most demanded traits of employers that employees expect. These features influence employees’ productivity and enable employers to retain talent in their organizations.

When some employees feel isolated being socially distanced, many prefer the freedom that remote work offers. 

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Implementing these measures can help managers stay connected to their employees.

  • Setting the exact target for their teams.
  • Conducting virtual meetings via onboarding programs.
  • Keeping the employees engaged with technology.
  • Recognizing the employee’s efforts.
  • Easing cross-functional collaboration.
  • Regular communications.
  • Providing and asking for feedback.

Leverage Employees Productivity with Technology

In this era, when internal communication ecosystem has badly collapsed, there are so many ways for companies to stay connected with their workforces, such as slack and MS teams, Lync, Zoom, intranet portals and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Leverage Employees Productivity with Technology

According to a study, employees do not have the right technology tools to perform an efficient role, resulting in ineffective operations. Employees with less or no suitable tools for their job are known to be increasingly discouraged and decreasingly productive. 

One of the terrible mistakes that employers make today is considering the use of social and technological devices in the workplace disturbing and distracting and ban or monitors the employees’ use of cell phones and other devices.

When monitored, employees think they are being watched and not trusted, resulting in the work environment being tensed with low employee engagement and productivity.

To increase employees’ productivity, corporations need to remove their fear of technology and adapt advanced technological tools to leverage their efficiency and meet targets. This way, you can increase the employees potential and regain their trust.

Leverage Employees Productivity with Technology

Increase Work Hour Flexibility

Flexibility in work hours influence the employee’s efficiency and benefit the team’s productivity as a whole. 

Allowing the staff to be flexible about their working hours result in motivating them and increase their overall productivity. However, this does not mean the employers should avoid punctuality of their workforce.  

The companies who allow their employees to make or follow their own schedule increase employee autonomy and job satisfaction. According to research, the employees who feel they have independence over their work tend to be more creative, responsible and productive.

Flexibles work hours offers benefits to both the workforce and companies:

  • Improves retention.
  • Eco-friendly selection.
  • Progresses employees’ productivity.
  • Expands diversity. 
  • Attracts top talents.
  • Smart work opportunities. 
  • Improves staff engagement.
Increase Work Hour Flexibility

Drain the Time Spent On Futile Meetings

Unnecessary meetings are one of the most significant factors that interrupt the workers during working hours. The extra time spent on futile discussions is one of the primary barriers to employee productivity. However, employers and employees still carry on to schedule and attend such conferences.

Drain the Time Spent On Futile Meetings

According to a Buy Assignment Online, an average person spends 12 hours per week planning and attending meetings. 

These meetings are mostly useless and destroy employee’s morale, motivation and productivity. The Bain and company’s study states that CEOs spend approximately two to three days a week in meetings. 

These excessive meetings are the reason for burdened information and a sense of failure for employees that tend to exhaust staff and waste company time. 

Let’s look at some tips to run a productive meeting with significant rewards.

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  • While planning the meeting, align the purpose. If the same information can be directed through email, organizing the conference is not worth the effort. 
  • If the meeting is essential, then go prepared with your required stash. Make sure you have all your agendas listed. 
  • Limit the attendees; the number of attendees is directly proportional to the increase in distraction.
  • Involve the attendees in the discussion, so they have a clear idea of who is expected and what task. 
  • Set a limit of time spent on meetings. 
Drain the Time Spent On Futile Meetings

Improve Work Environment

Critical elements for productive workforces and improved atmosphere include work environment, work ethics, and goals. According to a research, employees’ efficiency and productivity are increased in such atmosphere where relationship building and team engagements are encouraged.  

The work environments with the havoc of noises, interruptions and constant distractions are likely to have unproductive workforces. To make sure the staff performs effectively with augmented concentration and resulting in the productive output, employers must limit the mayhem of distractions to encourage employee productivity. 

The overworked minds must recharge and meditate themselves, and this can only be done in quiet and peaceful workspaces. 

During the pandemic, most of the companies found their employees more productive. They came to know that employees could focus better with more and improved work because they had control over their surroundings. The environment was more peaceful and comfortable, where it was easier to limit interruption and distractions. 

Improve Work Environment

Acknowledge the Employees Efforts

Companies can see the boosted productivity level in their employees’ performance as soon as they start recognizing their efforts. When they find their contribution is being noticed and every action counts and is acknowledged, they start putting more effort into it, increasing their efficiency. 

Acknowledge the Employees Efforts

A single pat on the back works like a magic genie for that one employee and makes him more productive. Acknowledgement of endeavors motivates everyone at the workplace and sends a strong message about their desired behaviors. 

According to a study, 40 percent of employees state that they’d put more strength into their work if recognized more frequently. 

The monetary recognition can have a significant impact, but non-monetary has the greatest one. Here’s how you can acknowledge your employee’s effort publically. 

  • A token of appreciation.
  • Display the name on fame board.
  • An award or employee of the year certificate. 
  • Shout-outs in meetings.
  • An early leave.


Creating a workspace full of high-performing workforces requires an excellent set of factors that can leverage employee productivity. Although there are many factors, deploying these factors at workstations can ensure an efficient strategy to improve the workers’ performance.

If the corporations today ensure to keep an eye over these six factors, they will improve their employee’s productivity and stay in the game. Hope you love reading “Improve Employee Productivity”

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