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Optimizing Visibility And Traffic On Google Discover Is Non-Identical To The Conventional SEO Strategy. See Which Optimization Methods Can Work Best For You!

For many, Google Discover is a new trending buzzword. Many are still wondering about what Google Discover is, why any marketer should will be using it, and how to use this feature. 

Well, let’s find out the answer to all your impasses below!

Google Discover is an advanced, incredible, and independent content marketing tool that suggests content to the users based on their past Google searches. In simple terms, Google Discover presents a personalized feed of content to the internet users in reference to their Google search history, interests, location, and activities in other apps.

It can be a natural and most reliable source for organic web traffic for online brands. For many marketers, Google Discover is not yet a part of their e-marketing toolbox. But they might not know that the more they use this software, the better Google will understand them and thus, expands their sites’ User Experience (UX). 

With Google Discover gradually becoming a must-have staple for online promotion, most of the SEO Services in Delhi have already started adopting the trend. It works less like a search engine and more like a social network to promote your feeds and content. For Google Discover, users’ search activity and history play the most crucial role. 

Crucial Areas to Focus On For Augmenting Google Discover

There are several methods how Google Discover can improve your online business. Discover provides excellent optimization opportunities and maximized conversion to those who want to accomplish better marketing results with Google.

Below is a list of proven methods that will help you optimize your content for Google Discover.

  1. Focus On Content Quality: 

First & straight, good quality content is the keystone for digital marketing with Google Discover. Try giving your followers clickable, relevant, and engaging content in regular intervals. Be it articles, blog posts, video content, or anything else; make sure the content to be highly informative and completely pertinent to the subject. 

  1. Publish High-Quality & Optimized Visuals:

Quality & optimized image visuals are a crucial part of the Google Discover campaign. Always include captivating, large-scale, and high-quality images in your content. The image you include must have at least1200 px width and be enabled by the AMP. Never use your site logo as the visual substance of your content. 

  1. Post More Irresistible Video Content:

Through Google Video Partner, you can post videos on YouTube to attract, engage, and reach more customers. While collaborating with Google for video campaigns, make sure to create videos adhering to your chosen campaign goals, ad formats, and campaign subtypes. A successful video campaign always includes the right bidding, targeting, budget, and compelling ads to reach the target.

  1. Adhere To Google’s Content Policies:

No matter which kind of content you are publishing, make sure to adhere to Google Content Policy. If you are unaware of the changing Content Policies of Google, hire professional SEO company in Dubai, with expertise in Google Discover campaigns. Avoid copied or explicit content, irrelevant keywords, and concise content to avoid red flags from Google. 

  1. Mobile Page Optimization:

Optimize your web pages for AMPs or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. With AMP optimization, your pages will be loading almost instantly, thus giving users a seamless user experience (UX) on all gadgets, including mobile. Create content that is mobile accessible, compatible with different browsers, and isn’t jumbled repetitive keywords or indiscreet pop-ups or ads. 


Well, concluding, you can capitalize on the perks of Google Discover, despite the type of business you’re into. However, it’s not easy to get mastered in Google Discover and run a successful digital marketing campaign without any proficiency.

For that, you need patience, strategy, knowledge, and deep expertise in Google algorithms. Hiring the best SEO company in Mumbai will help you seamlessly achieving those goals.

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