The book,100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith by Sonia Arrison captures how regenerative medicine is improving the overall health of individuals and increasing life expectancy.


 Humanity is on the brink of a thrilling longevity revolution. The first person to live for 150 years has definitely been born. What would your life look like when you live to be over 100 years old? Are you going to be healthy? Does your marriage need a sunset clause? How long are you going to have to work? Are you going to end a job at sixty-five only to go back to school to learn a new one? And so, are you going to live comfortably for another sixty years?


You could be a newborn parent and a grandparent at the same time. Is the planet going to get overpopulated? And how is living longer going to influence your finances, your family life, and your thoughts on religion and the afterlife? In the book, 100 Plus, futuristic Sonia Arrison leads us on an eye-opening trip to the future at our doorstep, where science and technology are continuing to fundamentally transform life as we know it. She introduces us to the people who change our lives: the talented scientists and genius inventors, and the billionaires who finance their work.

The amazing developments in expanding our lives—and healthy health—are almost here. In the very distant future, fresh organs for transplantation will be grown in labs, cloned stem cells will carry previously unstoppable pathogens to their knees, and surviving beyond 100 will be the norm, not the exception. Sonia Arrison brings more than a decade of experience in studying and writing about cutting-edge developments in science and technology to 100 Plus, painting a compelling image of the future that has come to light.

100 Plus is the first book to provide readers a detailed understanding of how life-long discoveries can transform our social and economic environments. This illuminating and invaluable text will help us navigate the fascinating path of life beyond 100 years.

Simple to read and easy to understand, 100 Plus takes you through the remarkable advances of regenerative medicine that we’ve already seen, projects them ahead, and addresses the improvements in the climate, culture, family, and religion that will come. Arrison’s argument is good enough to persuade nearly all, and with a manner that would be as open to your techno-phobic Uncle Walter as it is to your computer-loving self. Read about pemf mat and awesome products connected to it.


The book 100 Plus is all about discovering all the possible prospects of longevity, and aging, and the secret of living for more than 100 years. Technology researcher Sonia Arrison builds on the new findings as she examines the philosophical, religious, environmental, cultural, and economic consequences of living up to 100 years of age or longer. Is culture going to put the same importance on life?

Is waste going to rise and food production going to decline? How are family relationships going to change as mothers give birth well past middle age? How would you scale the business ladder if nobody ever retires? While the book provides interesting snapshots of what life could be like when people live to be over 100 years of age, it could use a little more connective tissue

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