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In-Depth Guide to Resolve Most Common Netgear Orbi Issues

Netgear Orbi routers are one of the best networking devices in the WiFi industry nowadays. However, like any other technical device, they are prone to issues too. Millions across the world have reported that they are facing issues with their Orbi devices. If you are also standing in the queue, then we are here to help you out! In this post, we have come up with the top 5 issues faced by Orbi users along with their relevant solutions. So, scroll down, and read on.

Most Common Netgear Orbi Issues

  • Can’t access Orbi router login page
  • Orbi firmware update failure
  • Orbi router keeps rebooting
  • Orbi satellite not connecting to router
  • Netgear Orbi router blinking white

Fixed: Most Common Netgear Orbi Issues

Can’t Access Orbi Router Login Page

If you are facing the orbilogin.net not working issue with your Netgear Orbi router, then chances are that you have entered an incorrect web address in the address bar of the web browser.

To troubleshoot the issue, it is recommended that you use the correct web address while trying to access the Netgear Orbi router loginpage.

Orbi Router Blinking White

If the LED on your Netgear Orbi device is blinking white, then that’s because of WiFi connectivity issues. Therefore, check all your cable connections. If any of your cable connections are loose, make them finger-tight.

In case your Netgear Orbi device is still blinking white, then consider rebooting it. It will surely help you get rid of the issue at hand.

Here is how you can reboot your Orbi device:

  • Disconnect every WiFi-enabled device connected to the network of your Orbi.
  • Power off and unplug the Orbi router from the wall socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Next, plug your Netgear Orbi router back into the wall socket and turn it on.

Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router

Another most common issue faced by users is Orbi satellite not connecting to router. If you are facing the same issue with your wireless device, then it’s probably because the distance between your Orbi devices is too much.

Thus, bring your Netgear Orbi router closer to the satellite. Make sure both your devices are placed in the same room. Additionally, keep your Orbi router and satellite away from electronic devices, transmitting appliances, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces.

Orbi Router Keeps Rebooting

Last but not least, many users complain about the constant rebooting of their Netgear Orbi wireless router. This issue usually occurs when your device has worked more than it should. Therefore, turn off the wireless device for some time. Doing so will give it enough time to rest and come back into the game stronger.

Orbi Firmware Update Failure

Updating the Netgear Orbi firmware is really important if you want your wireless device to function smoothly. However, if you are facing issues while trying to do so, then you are in some serious trouble.

But, worry not. The next time you try to update the firmware of your Orbi, make sure that you are following the correct instructions. For those of you who are not aware of the process of Orbi firmware update, here are the steps to follow:

  • Switch on your computer and launch an internet browser.
  • In the URL bar of the internet browser, type orbilogin.net.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • When prompted, fill in the default username and password.
  • Click Log In.
  • Once logged in, go to Settings.
  • Under Maintenance, click Firmware Update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

The Bottom Line

This was all about how you can troubleshoot the top 5 issues faced with Netgear Orbi router. We hope that the solutions mentioned in this post helped you get rid of whatever issue you were facing with your wireless device.

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