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Create an In-House ‘Home Theater’ in Your Beloved Condo

A home theater is something no one in North America ever overlooked. Read full guide about “In-House Home Theater ” to know everything.


Although it is February, it is still cold in Toronto. The temperature is still in the minus range on the centigrade scale, whereas the snow showers intermittently. Hopefully, the spring will be a good one. Things are still in a mess, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winter is still here and will continue to March this year. Spring hopefully will begin in April. The weather indicates the hibernation season for flora and fauna in and around the city. Even more heartening, the evenings of hot chocolate in front of the TV with a blanket and a warm snack are still part of the season.

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Regardless of whether residents live in an apartment, a condo, a row-house, a suburban townhouse, or a mansion, they will always find a way to enjoy the season indoors, provided they have made their interiors décor in the needed way and have the furniture as well.

A home theater is something no one in North America ever overlooked. In the United States, many homes have their custom home theater systems that aren’t like the real home theater but rather a television set plus DVD/Blu-ray players connected to stereo systems and their speakers and the like.

Handy tips for making an in-home Home Theater in the condo

With half of Toronto’s residents living in Apartments and Condos, they have always found ways of sprucing up their homes in the best possible manner, especially their bedrooms and living rooms.

The home theater has often appealed to Canadians, especially those with families and among the younger generation inviting friends or loved ones for a stayover at their home.

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To keep the home theater tradition alive, here are some handy tips for residents in creating a well-set in-house Home Theater to spruce up the living room for the winter:

Comfortable theater seating

Comfy leather recliners with cushion-like armrests are a staple of any home theater present. The number of seats relies on the size of space available, either in the living room or the theater room. Hence viewers should not feel being squeezed in a tightly cramped space. Also, the distance residents place between the seating and the screen depends on the screen’s size. 

One of the easiest ways to determine seat distance is by measuring the screen’s horizontal length and multiplying it by five to obtain the maximum distance.

For instance, a screen measuring 60 inches may need to have at least a distance of 120 inches between itself and the seating (10 feet) and a maximum length of 300 inches (25 feet).

Having a quality video projector

Installation of a top-notch video projector can help ensure that residents and other viewers in the house can enjoy the picture in the best possible manner. They should pay attention to the projector’s throw distance or the distance at which it should be placed away from the screen. 

Another factor worth considering is how far down the projector should be hung and at what angle it should be tilted.

Most projectors are featured with vertical lens shift, allowing residents to adjust the projection regardless of how it was mounted. Those who do not have such kind of projectors should hang their projectors with an extension pipe so the hanging distance can be adjusted to project the image correctly.

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Adjusting the projector’s screen and lighting 

The screen should be placed on that section where the light does not fall directly. The walls can also be painted in darker colors and shades to prevent glare. The screen should be mounted on the wall, so there is a gap of two or three feet off the ground. 

This will help each seat in the theater achieve the perfect viewpoint. The addition of overhead dimmable lights can add a real cinema-like feeling to the home theater.

Don’t forget the surround sound.

Who can ever forget surround sound when making a Home theater?

The most common speaker system used for Home Theaters is 5.1 surround sound. It is a six-speaker system consisting of five full-range speakers and a low-range speaker called the woofer.

The ideal setup for 5.1 surround sound is three speakers and the woofer toward the room’s front, with the remaining two on either side of the room’s back end. Each speaker should be placed at least 20 inches from the wall. If six speakers seem to be too much, a simple three speaker setup can work with a speaker in front of the screen and the rest on the screen’s left and right.

Acoustics and sound paneling setup

Rectangular windowless rooms generally have much better acoustics than their square counterparts. However, many residents may not be able to remodel and even renovate those rooms just for the sake of the home theater.

Sound absorption panels are used to prevent sound from echoing. Though standard drywall paneling is often adequate acoustic material for home theaters, installation of carpeting might help improve the in-house home theater’s acoustics and add a new level of comfort for the viewers.

Keeping a small refrigerator works

Colloquially referred to as the mini-fridge, it helps with the home theater when it is stocked with refreshments that are easily accessible. People preferably like storing classic favorites like popcorn and candy in a non-refrigerated compartment in that fridge. The only catch is that no one should munch loudly when the movie is being played.

Besides, a home theater is where no one needs to worry about missing their movie when they are home. 


A Home Theater is not just for watching movies; it is also used for managing the favorite TV shows, sports matches, series, soaps, and of course, memories stored on discs or other storage devices. Such a home theater is instrumental in ending the boredom whenever it snows or showers during the winter.

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