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How to Buy Indian Grocery Online in Austria with Discounts?

We know that you may be craving to enjoy some Indian Platters during your stay overseas. Read about Indian Grocery Online in Austria.


We know that you may be craving to enjoy some Indian Platters during your stay overseas. And, it may appear as decades when you last have one. 

Although there are different restaurants in Austria where you can get Indian dishes, they may not taste the same as homemade ones. 

Also, you cannot eat at restaurants every second day, so to enjoy an authentic taste sitting in the comfort of your homes, you should opt for Indian Grocery Online in Austria. 

If you want to know the best one, you are in the right place, as here in this article we will tell you about it. Let’s take a look – 

Dookan: Best Way to Have Indian Grocery Onlin

Dookan.com is an Superior India online Grocery store in Austria. Since its inception, it has wanted that every Indian living in Europe get all things right at their doorstep. This way, it ensures that you get to relish your favorite delicacies whenever you wish to. 

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Other than this, it provides lots of excellent benefits to you, which we have listed below – 

1) A One-Stop-Shop 

Dookan fulfills the same role as any ration shop in India does for you. It provides all your home stuff in one convenient place. From rice to grains to lentils to flour, you get everything required to prepare a perfect meal, whether you are staying alone or with your family. 

If you have a habit of drinking tea, coffee, complan, or any other beverages and without which your day doesnt used to start back home, are available over here. 

Moreover, they keep canned & boiled products such as black beans, kidney beans, Kala chana, and many more, which are not easy to find in Austria. 

2) All Indian Brands 

If you ask for three words that best describe them, they keep – ” All things Indian. ” So, it indicates every product that you purchase from this store would be of a Hindustani Brand. 

By bestowing you with famous label products like TRS, Haldiram, Patanjali, MTR, MDH, Heera, and many more, it ensures that you get the proper flavor in whatever dish you prepare. 

Furthermore, keeping these brands products, they take care that you can continue having items you are using since childhood, in Austria too. 

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3) Timely Delivery 

The best part about this Indian Grocery Online in Austria is that they promise to deliver your order on time. Also, to let you check the expected time by which your consignment will reach you, it gives you a tracking facility. 

Other than this, it gives relief to you from various hassles such as –

  • Firstly, with it, you don’t have to commute to supermarkets and stand in long queues every other day, as they provide free shipment anytime, anywhere in Austria, without placing any minimum order. 
  • Secondly, it is easy for you to maintain all your foodstuff, like vegetables, fruits and much more, when you can get them delivered to your homes.
  • Thirdly, you don’t need to worry about keeping a watch on your food stock; whenever it gets finished or is about to, you can order it through them. 

4) Get groceries at Lesser Amount 

This shop has brought you some fantastic discounts, making your online grocery shopping economical. 

Every person who buys from using their mobile app receives an instant rebate of 5%. Further, you get a flat 10% off on the purchase of products above 99 Euro and 15% off on shopping above 150 euro, letting you save big. 

Above all, they give you a chance to get unlimited monthly cashback by shopping more and paying less. You can check out their website, to get more details about it. 

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5) Enjoy Premium Products 

They assure you that you get the finest of everything you purchase via them. For which, this store maintains quality products in their catalog. 

Irrespective of the time of your order, they promise to give fresh and hygienic items. In addition to it, they in advance tell you the best before the date of each product, i.e., the expiry date, so that you get standard items. 

If you still get an item unfit for utilization, they allow you to return it to them within 14 days of delivery. Besides this, in case you want to give any product back to them, you can do so with their free replacement policy. 

6) Acquire Other Essential Products 

Aside from bestowing you with all foodstuff, this Indian Online Shop gives you the advantage of having your personal care items in Austria. 

They store a diverse range of body care things like soaps, shampoos, oils, toothpaste, and much more of different Indian labels. 

Additionally, if you keep fasts, they proffer you items required to open your fast, like food and pooja-related things. 

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Finally, we would conclude by saying that if you avail of the benefits provided by this store; you can enjoy your stay at its best in Austria.

Also, it lets you save valuable time, which you have to spend by visiting hypermarkets.

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