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The Indian Specialty Chemical Industry – Ultimate Guide in 2021

One of India’s oldest and most diversified industries is chemical manufacturing. Read about Popular Indian Specialty Chemical Industry.


In 2017, several Indian and Chinese firms competed to supply a multinational chemical corporation with a polymer intermediate. The contract was a lucrative one that would last for 20 years and require a new plant to be installed.

The global firm awarded the contract to India’s Aarti Industries after difficult negotiations and cautious site visits. Opt specialty chemical companies in India.

Watchers on the international trade scene may be shocked that a Chinese company was not awarded the contract. After all, China’s low costs and production prowess have made the country a powerhouse exporter of all kinds of industrial goods. But people weren’t so shocked in India. In reality, Indian chemical executives are betting that ,they will win more and more in the global marketplace.

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One of India’s oldest and most diversified industries is chemical manufacturing. And in some segments, the country is a pioneer. For instance, India is a strong global supplier of dye, accounting, according to Invest India, a government agency, for almost 16% of the world’s dye and dye intermediate supply.

In chemicals, specialty chemicals are India’s top export segment, and petrochemical intermediates are the top import segment, according to a study published in February by consulting. On balance, India faces a $15 billion-a-year chemical trade deficit.

The study states, “This deficit opens the door to two opportunities.” “The reduction of petrochemical intermediate imports could make India more self-sufficient and boost supplies for downstream specialty chemicals.

And ramping up exports of specialty chemicals could offer a more significant share of global value to India. Indian managers are eager to take advantage of the moment. The increasing competitiveness of Indian companies concerning producers from other countries is a significant factor for Indian companies.

India’s federal government can help the change in several industries from China to India. A program to encourage the indigenous development of pharmaceutical starting materials and active ingredients have been introduced, many of which have been made in India recently.

Madabhushi expresses trust that customer demand for supply chain diversification plus myriad other factors will help India emerge as a competitive manufacturing hub in the coming decade.

The specialty chemical segment will strongly drive the chemical industry in India. In the chemical industry, specialty chemical companies are expected to thrive on domestic raw materials supply, accelerated capital expenditure (Capex) to create production capacity, and investment in research and development (R&D) for added sector traction.

Increased R&D would allow these firms to step up their position in the value chain of specialty chemical manufacturing to become proprietary chemical producers.

Along with export opportunities to further push their business, specialty chemical companies would also look at import substitution. Specialty chemicals are manufactured because of their efficiency or function, as per a study by Securities on the Indian chemical industry, and can be single chemical entities or formulations whose composition affects the performance and processing of the end product.

Based on end-user industries, these chemicals can be subdivided further. Based on the end-user market, the specialty chemicals industry can be subdivided into agrochemicals, dyes, and pigments, ingredients for personal care, polymer additives, water chemicals, textile chemicals, and segments powered by the application. 

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These are the largest components of the specialty chemicals industry and make up more than 80% of the chemicals’ universe.

North America, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere want to diversify beyond China but point out that it will take years and require billions of dollars to replicate China’s manufacturing infrastructure investment Opt for industrial chemical manufacturers in India.

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