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Every Sewing Enthusiast’s Reasons to Opt for Industrial Sewing Machines in Australia

Australians love anything or everything creative and reflects in the everyday lives. Read about Industrial Sewing Machines in Australia.


Australia is the smallest continent but the largest inhabited island. The country has an estimated population of 25.36 million people, although it is still considered relatively small in terms of population compared with the country’s land area. 

Australians love anything and everything creative. And it reflects in the everyday lives of the people. Sewing is a thriving passion for many Aussies, with organisations like the AUSSEW binding enthusiasts under one community. 

According to research, the Australian textile industry only employs about 36,000 people. Yet, the country is known for brands like Van Heusen and Billabong. The need for industrial sewing machines australia has is growing as more and more businesses are putting their money into the fashion industry. 

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Get Better Speed Control with Industrial Sewing Machines

Unlike sewing machines that are entirely made for home-use, industrial variants are equipped with better features. It includes a built-in speed control which is highly useful when sewing through different fabric textures. 

The speed control also enables better functionality, especially for beginners who are just learning the skills. It allows users to estimate the right speed and adjust it when they are comfortable enough to sew faster. A novice can quickly pick up on their skills with a slower speed setting and avoid getting hurt.

Advanced users also benefit from this feature because it allows them to work and complete a project much faster. Sewing machines with this functionality usually have higher speed rates which are essential for commercial use. 

Work with a Range of Materials with Heavy-duty Sewing Machines 

Domestic sewing machines confine your work to the common satin or cotton fabric. In contrast, industrial sewing machines allow the needle to easily pass through textile-like denim and leather. It can perform diverse functions based on the type of material and stitching required. 

The versatility of industrial sewing machines australia offers will provide the right project outcome because it is faster and has better functionality. Needle and thread easily work through the material without the need to worry about the machine giving out.

Heavy-duty industrial sewing machines are also constructed to produce sportswear, dress shirts, suits, and various other apparel products. It is designed to incorporate diverse functions, including lock-stitching and chain-stitching, to accommodate various fabric qualities. 

Get Professional Quality Seams with an Industrial Sewing Machine

Domestic machines often do not create the same quality runs as industrial machines. One reason which makes a difference is when finishing the seams with a professional look. You will need to use a lot of effort when doing zigzag stitches on a traditional sewing machine. 

On the other hand, industrial sewing machines have an overlocker or a serger. It allows you to mount multiple threads for fast seals on the cloth’s edges. Achieving the right finish is a significant part of sewing; otherwise, you would end up with a sloppy and drastically sewed garment. 

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Often, the seams are indicative of the quality and something that most people check firsthand. People buying clothes always assess the linings, seams, and various details like the pockets and buttons. 

The Takeaway

There is more to sewing than just cutting and putting a piece of cloth together. Quality and the whole sewing process are always judged on what type of equipment was used during the whole process. Opting for an industrial sewing machine – whether for home or commercial use, always counts to create the right finish.

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