Influencer Marketing in the New Normal

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not just about making content you like or you think would go viral. More than just posting or bragging your new buys and great finds on social media, it puts together marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and social media in one powerful and relevant relationship-based communication.

As more users join social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, etc; many of them became content creators themselves, curating and crafting their own stories for others to see. This is how social media influencers were born and they quickly attracted the attention of brands and marketers.

In spite of the many businesses that are still uncertain about influencer marketing and whether to invest in it, it has already grown into a $5-10 billion dollar industry. Over the last five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers in creating or raising awareness and over the last few years, influencer marketing has seen explosive growth. But challenges began when the pandemic hits the whole world and influencer marketing activities were halted. Many questioned how the industry can move forward with their campaigns in a new setting or the new normal

With the arrival of the pandemic,  we always make sure that those killer fashion looks, extravagant shopping and travel, lavish fine dining, spectacular events, and glamorous trips will not appear insensitive. Creating fresh content is such a huge challenge but looking at the brighter side, content creators and influencers do have an advantage at this time as more people choose to stay home or work from home for safety. People now have more time to engage online, thus giving more opportunities to influencers and content creators alike to increase their fanbase and improve their engagement. By staying indoors most of the time, it enables the influencers to be more creative by filming themselves without a crew. This makes messaging more intimate and more personal.

Developing appropriate content is still a challenge up until now. Even though a large number of the population has now been fully vaccinated, travel still has some restrictions. It would still be better to support local tourism at this moment. Online gaming is also thriving nowadays as this type of content entertains people at home because this is something new. Fitness, cooking and DIYs especially those topics relating to COVID-19 are also popular to write or to produce. 

Messages of optimism and self-care encourages the audience, which is why a lot of self-proclaimed “motivational speakers” had also surfaced. But yes, we need those words of wisdom and inspiration to somehow lift us up during this pandemic. You wouldn’t believe that shopping and fashion are still “in” during this trying time. The new normal in shopping is e-commerce, where transactions are done online. Influencers help in promoting the biggest deals and discounts that the shoppers can enjoy. Fashion promoting safety during pandemic and offering guidelines on how to remain tasteful is also a good content.

In this new normal, influencers should still be mindful on how they would use their platform. They should not look  tone-deaf because the crisis is still there and recovery is still ongoing. Those who offer practical solutions in their own lives and outreach about the larger community are one of the best influencers nowadays. Never ever put out the wrong type of message or push the wrong type of activities, as a lot of people’s emotions are still sensitive nowadays, especially those who are just healing from all the pain and misfortune. However, with more eyes than ever on sites, apps, and social media, there is also tremendous opportunity to utilize influencers via the right messaging, especially in topics such as vaccination which were given a lot of misinformation and disinformation on social media.

At this time, what influencers can offer for marketers  is to bring an authentic brand message to their audience, the measure of their true value. Social media nowadays should be a source of support, guidance, and relevant information. Content creators and influencers are versatile and they are smart in their own ways of connecting to their audience. In this new normal, influencer marketing industry will be more alive than ever as the whole world needs more content about inspiration and healing. 

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By Tom Smith

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