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One of the most significant gifts you can give a child is confidence. Read trusted way about how to “Inspire Confidence in Child”


One of the most significant gifts you can give a child is confidence because confidence will take you miles – more than talent, more than anything else. So, yes, I want my children to have faith and to be kind. – Rafe Spall

I happen to come across a website AdventuresToAwesome that shows some interesting facts on growing a child’s confidence. One of the points mentioned here was about a research conducted by the University of IOWA, which stated that The average 2-year-old child hears 432 negative statements per day, but only 32 positive statements each day…

Isn’t this something to worry about? Well, in my opinion, yes, it is… If we think it from a logical perspective, hearing almost 13 times more negative statements can undoubtedly diminish a child’s confidence at an alarming rate?

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It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that your child is filled up every day with confidence, which helps in mental health improvement and helps them find their way into the world. 

It is a proven fact that children with a higher level of confidence tend to have an innovative mindset, achieve success at a higher rate, feel good about things they do or say.

On the other hand, children lacking self-confidence always think of failure rather than success. They believe whatever they are doing is not enough for accomplishing a particular task and still have a second thought, which leaves them more demoralized.

After all the points mentioned above, don’t you think the confidence parameter is something worth thinking about as a parent? Don’t you realize yet that some order has to be set in place or some steps have to be taken using which you can boost up your child’s confidence and morale?

Let’s run down through some points below to help you understand how parents can inspire confidence in their child at an early age.

Being a star parent

Parents are no doubt the first teacher for any children, and they tend to learn a lot of things just by looking at what parents are doing. For example, my mom wakes up early in the morning and, without any dues, starts with her daily chores so that dad can have his breakfast on time before leaving for work.

The next day she would again wake up and complete her chores also and the same next day… One day I asked her about everyday chores, and she mentioned how punctuality is essential for her to once she wakes up.

She also said how this would help me in the long run, and it did indeed. Parents need to understand that children treat them as role models and imitate whatever they do as a part of their daily activities.

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Give kids daily chores.

For an increased level of confidence, one of the most effective ways is to give kids daily chores they need to complete daily. Doing this helps kids understand the importance of work assigned to them and learn about the importance of responsibilities.

Now parents need to realize that things don’t end just by giving chores, but they have to sit with children and help them understand the importance and reward them for a job well done. This is what boosts confidence in children.

Praising Children

There is a misconception within parents that if they keep talking good about children, it increases the chances of being successful. But spoiler alert, this may not be entirely true !!

Parents need to delve deep into tasks performed by their children and appreciate them for the efforts they are putting into the task. As a parent, you need to understand your child’s attitude is taking this task forward and then obviously praise them for their viewpoint on this situation.

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The reason behind this is that we never know if the results for this task will be successful or not, but we are fully aware of the heart your child has put in to accomplish the task given to them. So as a thumb rule, participate with your children and appreciate the steps being taken by them. 

Interest Hunting

When I was five years old, I wanted to be an archeologist for a long time, just like Jackie Chan’s show from the Cartoon Network. But then I started seeing Bob the Builder and wanted to be a builder since then.

Children don’t have a stable mindset on what they want to pursue, and the areas keep dangling between what is their currently like. As a parent, you need to partake in your children’s interests and support them with the interest hunt they are presently in. It is your job to make sure that they are motivated enough to fixate themselves on the career path.

Allowing kids to experiment

Any results of an experiment are either successful or failure. I firmly believe that as a star parent, you should leave your kids to experiment with tasks assigned to them and say nothing while they are doing it.

Doing so will help them understand on their own what is right and what is wrong. Children seem to question themselves a lot while doing anything, and getting these problems resolved inspires confidence in them.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pitch into what their kids are doing. They need guidance for a correct path but only pitches once they have completed their experiments in their entirety.

Share with them your observations and guide them on what more could have been done as a part of this experiment. This keeps the learning curve growing. 

Our world is changing at a drastic rate, and to cope with these ever-growing changes, one has to display confidence in them for the outer world to believe you in.

Having just the right amount of self-esteem or trust is essential in today’s world as this is something on which you are judged day today. There is a prevalent phrase Confidence is the key to success, which you would have come across almost every day, and if we look closely, it is right… Choose wisely and do your best to inspire confidence in your children. Hope you love reading “Inspire Confidence in Child”

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