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Installing a TV Antenna: 4 Key Questions to Ask Your Technician

Installing a TV Antenna to reach a broader range of channels and get clearer reception is typical among Aussie households. Read More.


Is everything truly wireless now? Not really. Have you ever tried TV antenna installation Sydney?

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is prone to a humid, subtropical climate. It also experiences rainfall-distributed precipitation for a good first half of the year, located near mountains and seas. In other words, there may be the possibility of lightning and thunderstorms accompanying the unpredictable rainfall.

Installing an antenna to reach a broader range of channels and get clearer reception is typical among Aussie households. Yet, it is not entirely safe to do alone, especially if you are not a professional. Fortunately, there are reliable providers of antenna installation you can contact around the locale.

If you are a new homeowner or are planning to get an antenna installed for your television but don’t quite know how to, here is a list of questions you can ask your local technician before they get started installing your TV antenna.

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What are some TV antenna variations?

Not all antennas are the same. Some are designed to accommodate or pair well with a 4G or 5G connection. Some antenna variants can accommodate at least 5 to 12 channels. Other candidates for a TV antenna can air more Australia-exclusive channels and provide a crisp and crystal-clear view.

Which works better, indoor or outdoor antenna?

An indoor antenna is ideal for residences that are situated close to a broadcast centre or tower. Having an antenna installed by professionals safely boosts the signal and reception that your television can detect. On the other hand, if you don’t reside near a broadcast tower, it will certainly require technicians to climb to your home’s rooftop to get a stronger reception. Ensure that no potential hazards are lying around in your roof.

How do they check the signal?

As was mentioned, the strength and clarity of the signal that antennas detect depend on the distance from a broadcast tower. For those living in between or are not too far or too close to one, it is best to have your technicians survey the area before agreeing to schedule a date for installing your TV antenna.

During the installation process, they will likely ask you to stay inside your house so you can update them whether their placement of the antenna provides crystal clear TV viewing or not. In some cases, they go as far as do simple fine-tuning to confirm that your television is still working and that it can receive frequencies and channels from other providers. 

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Is a temporary cable line essential?

A temporary cable line lets you verify whether the signals are stable and working. Most antenna installation service providers recommend a coaxial cable and connect it to the cable’s output terminal.

Once they are done, they will ask you to check on your TV to scan whether the channels you saw are available or not. On the other hand, modern-day tools used by technicians now are more innovative that a temporary cable is not advised as frequently by professionals as before.

As the older versions of technology that the older generations grew up with, like the television, still exist and operate quite impressively, it is still too early to throw away past inventions to fully embrace a new set of innovations. Contact your nearest TV antenna installation in Sydney now for a boost in your TV viewing experience.

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