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What is integrated marketing communication?

Have you ever heard the integrated marketing word but don’t know what is it or you want to know more about the integrated marketing communication process? Whatever!

Indeed for a successful business, it is very essential to buildup integrated Omni-channels. Often people use different strategies for different businesses including this and having great profits.

Today I will be sharing some basics about this process and will explain from the intro to the benefits and many more. So, it would be good to read continue till the last edge of the page.

Integrated Marketing Communications (definition)

Integrated marketing communications or (IMC) is basically a type of approach tried by the particular organizations to the brand in order to manage their communications.

As per on American Association of Advertising Agencies (IMC) is can be a complete strategy that estimates the roles of different communication rules; it joints these rules to provide great clarity, faith, and regularity whether enhancing the maximum communication impact between the organization and brand.

Basically, it is introduced on the basis of a unified experience for the consumers throughout a variety of marketing mix aspects.

While using each communication channel the brand’s messages and core image would be protected; as it is the most important key feature of this plan that isolates both sides and increases faith between

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications

If we discuss the benefits of integrated marketing communications then yes! There are a variety of plus points that may push you to go with this process.

  1. With too many services and products to choose from, you may often be overwhelmed by the huge number of ads running on both offline and online communication channels.
  2. Marketing messages will be run at the risk of being ignored and over-checked, if their relevancy does not match the consumer’s needs and deeds.
  3. One of the most notable advantages of IMC is the marketer’s freedom because in this process the marketers are fully free to communicate their brand’s story and massages across hundreds of communication channels; this is why marketers can make the brand awareness for any change.
  4. As compared to the mass media IMC is more cost-effective ever since marketers are likely to be in touch with brands crosswise different digital interfaces and forms.
  5. In this process, clients spend their much time on multiple gadgets including mobile and computers, and marketers always looking forward to exposures their brands by applying different methodologies.
  6. The companies can analyze their communicative performance and test some tactics instead of whole gameplay.
  7. Another benefit of IMC is its creativity which is usually dynamic and helps to boost sales & profits.
  8. IMC is quite helpful for medium to small-sized firms along with few number staff members and a limited budget.

Integrate marketing channels and their importance

Usually, we think that our marketing is perfect and the best we are doing but the reality is a bit different. If you apply one strategy for once then hope you’ll forget it soon. For making the right impact you have to organize massages.

Have you ever thought about why KFC and Subway are continually spending on their advertisement; although people know who they are and what is their value!

The game is that they want to make their brand remind everyone from time to time and believe me they are getting much profit from their ads investments.

The power of remaining your customers increases the sales and you get a high percentage of your marketing. If I say that IMC is just a blessing for those who are new and no one knows their brand then it will be true.

The change in perception and value would be very easy to declare to your regular customers. For this purpose integrated marketing campaign is the only factor that might help you to reach your vital goal; it will run housing-in campaign and spread your messages across all channels.

Without these channels consumers may have a lot of obstacles and their massage will be not conveying entirely and they may get a bad impact.

What should be in a communication firm?

As per experts, an ideal communication firm should be based on 5 given objects. However, if you are looking for this purpose then the following key points can help you better!

Be Objective:

If someone desires to grow his/her communications firm then the client’s objective should be increased anyhow. This way he will be able to state his favorite client, business size, industry, and marketing criteria.

Being objective you may clearly tell your client that at what standards you can actually meet within a year like ($10MM firm for the next year if this time he is at $1MM).

Making strategy:

Making strategy and following it can help you to make a good reputation in your era; this way you can attract more clients and make them target in the market.

Don’t forget more clients means more money! Your specialty can be any type of like; reputation management, content marketing, media relations, media relations, and more.

Making plan:

A strong plan obviously makes a man successful so; make a narrow and deep plan in your expertise field XYZ. Keep the focus on your goal, and check all targeting staff, resources, work relevancy, capabilities along with other activities.

Past summary:

This is going to be a page with a previous record of everything in your plan so you can easily keep in mind that what you have done yesterday. The past summary should be noted on daily basis and then keep the entire record of summaries date-wise.

Analyzing the situation:

You can only overcome a situation until you analyze it fully. In this analyzing everything should be included such as your goal, culture, strength, weak points, budget, share marketing position, and many others.

Tools of Integrated Marketing Communication

There can be several of marketing communications tools but some of the most common and useful tools are given here. Through these, you can cover all its important variables which are; source, message, and system.

Make sure those who are fully willing to increase their business or profit should be directly concerned with some main tools of IMC and these would be;


There have been 90 years passed when TV was launched and the first-ever ad was shown on tv in 1941. From the first year to till today tv is the most significant source of marketers where they are running ads of their clients and giving them fine profit.


After TV still, a huge number of radio listeners are alive in this era; they directly collect data from radio and make implements on that. Marketers are keeping this point ahead and using this source as an alternative to Television.


There are millions of newspapers published daily basis and going to be read also. At first, marketers were not interested in this source but from time to time they start publishing ads.

Social media:

Last but not least source of integrated marketing communications is social media. Simply you have to cover your audience and have to communicate in IMC and indeed social media is one of the finest result-oriented sources.

Final words

Integrated marketing communications can give you high quality and instant results if you choose wisely, so, it would be good to choose quality instead of cheap marketers. Keep in mind money makes money and you cannot expect good worth with low communications. Hope you love reading about “Integrated Marketing Communication”

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