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How to Promote a Business or Product with Interactive Signage Display Screen?

Digital signage is a low-cost, easy-to-maintain and highly interactive medium to enhance customer engagement while giving your business an opportunity to grow organically. Signage screens can be used creatively for marketing and promotional purposes by broadcasting products, services to the right demographics. You can easily capture the attention and interest of customers through videos, designs and interactive content. Read below more about “Interactive Signage Display Screen”

Highlight the Tech Shrewdness

If technology is your specialty and you’d like everyone to know about it, let your signage content show it in an engaging and creative manner that actually has the potential to draw more and more views.

Let it be Effective, Informative & Entertaining

Consider your digital signage as a canvas with you being the artist! Whether you need to share something as candid as news, event update, weather forecast etc, make sure the content strategy strikes a balance between being effective, entertaining and informative. Create a slide presentation, break it down into chunks of video clips or deliver live via social feeds.

Increase Social Media Buzz

Social media is all about creating engagement, buzz and getting real-time conversions which can be done if your signage-based marketing strategy is filled with excitement, energy, happiness and creative spark. Live social media feeds incorporated into the digital signage increases social networking by more or less 500%.

Call to Action

With marketing messages and promotional campaigns, a creatively catchy call-to-action is a must. Same goes for the content you’ll display on signage screens where your call-to-action should be precise and capable to prompt the audience in taking the action. Other than that, interactive display screens with touch systems also serve for a variety of use cases for retail indoor mapping and can further let users give their valuable feedback and comments, allowing businesses and brands to widen their strategy.

Deals, Discounts & Promotions

Businesses and brands usually launch friendly deals, discounts and promotional offers that can be seasonal or as a market penetration strategy. All such things can be incorporated in the digital signage content management system that gets the customers excited and further spreads the word. Discounts and promotions are sure to create a sense of urgency, increase engagement on various social networks and greater conversion.

You must read about HiperController software which is the brain of the Hiperwall family of software. This video wall controller controls what, where, how and when content is displayed. The powerful and dynamic user interface as part of this intuitive wall control software shows you a clear representation of your entire system.

Custom Advertising Platform for Revenue Generation

Besides improving customer engagement and experience, digital signage display can be an amazing revenue generating medium depending on its content, marketing strategy, placement/installation and of course, ads that the unit will display. These can be customised in a storytelling manner that taps into human potential without diversifying focus from your core services and products.

Build a Strategic Partnership

Digital signage solutions Dubai can also be leveraged for non-competing corporations and trades that match demographic to that of your real customers. It’s obvious you know your customers based on the services and products offered by the brand which are an amazing opportunity to form a strategic alliance. Sponsor digital signage, add value to overall customer/employee experience and drop in a promotional message that talks about your business. This is marketing done right using digital signage.

Enhanced Visual

Other than video; animated GIFs, illuminated displays and images are amazing when it comes to attracting prospects and turning them into your loyal, long-lasting customers. On the contrary, signage content can be managed remotely which means it can easily be modified as per the need via cloud server thus saving time and cost.

Keeping Up with the Trend

It’s a busy world with almost everything moving at a lightning pace which makes it all the more important to adapt to the latest trends. Same goes for marketing and promotion using signage displays, including all essentials such as hardware, software, audience segmentation and all to ensure success.

Complete Control on Display Content

Of the many benefits, another pro fact about signage display is the choice of content you have to interact best with the target audience. It can be anything from multiple image display, videos, animation, slide presentation, social media quizzes and so much more. Carefully decide on the content and manage it accordingly which is yet another advantage.

A Lively Display for Your Shop

Flexibility is the winning aspect of digital signage that you can put to your shop or outlet’s advantage by installing the unit as a dynamic wallpaper. Design patterns, colours and text in the display (if any) can be tweaked as per the occasion, service and products you sell. That said, you can even change displays during different times of the day or as a music visualiser.

Streamline the Process

Streamline your marketing and communication strategy in a highly creative manner using signage display. Whether using a simple video wall, image display or interactive screen with a touch system, your signage is a blank canvas with you being an artist.

The Next Gen of Communication & Advertising

Single or multiple LED signage can be synchronized or coordinated for advertising in the form of:

  • 3D video
  • 360-degree video
  • SMS
  • Bluetooth
  • EPOS
  • QR-codes
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Body sensors

LED Signage Display Modalities for Advertising

Different types or modalities of LED signages that can be used for marketing includes:

  • LED Video wall screens
  • Digital billboards
  • Hybris billboards
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • Custom LED displays
  • LED ticker tape
  • LED Augmented Reality
  • LED Shop signage
  • LED shop fronts

There’s so much more you can do having digital signage at your disposal. Any business and brand can thrive being careful and creative with the content displayed on the units..

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