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Best Places to Invest in Dubai for the Expo 2020 – Zoom Property

All investors are relying on while they try to figure out the most desirable location with the highest yield to Invest in Dubai Expo 2020.


Other than the 20 million visitors and tourists Dubai gets every year. The emirate anticipates hosting at least 25 million more for the Expo 2020. As soon as these flights touch the ground. Most of them will be contacting real estate agents to get a rental home.

That’s exactly what all smart investors are relying on while they try to figure out the most desirable location with the highest yield with the lowest investment of money.

Many buyers are in the market for completed as well as off-plan projects. Given the fact that the event got delayed, people started showing an increased interest in off-plan properties.


The idea was to get the property handed over just in time for the Expo 2020. This encouraged real estate developers to pick up the pace and make time. Now, we have a market that’s ripe for investment with tons of projects done and more on the way.

For those who are still not sure where to invest, here’s a list of top places to consider:

Al Ghadeer

Located conveniently away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Al Ghadeer is the finest community you’ll find between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although the pandemic might have slowed things down in every industry including real estate in Dubai. It also managed to cause an increase in demand for spacious residencies. Case in point, Al Ghadeer villas that promise a luxurious standard and active lifestyle also saw a boom in sale transactions.

Palm Jumeirah

The man-made archipelago rightfully deemed the eighth wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah nestles a whole world inside it. The luxury and amenities provided in the Palm are better than anything else in the whole world.

To put it simply, living in the ideal home in the ideal community surrounded by everything the world can offer is a dream that is realised in Palm Jumeirah.

Some of the wealthiest celebrities and personalities have their properties in the communities of Palm Jumeirah. It’s downright guaranteed that those who want to and can afford to live the ideal life in Dubai will ultimately want to live here.

The prime location connecting to the main city’s top attractions while hosting world-class amenities and spectacular horizons for every residence make it undeniably perfect. As for investors, although finding a good price may be difficult, you shouldn’t lose any opportunity you find.


Dubai Hills Estate

Emaar is a reputed developer that has realised the vision of building some of the world’s most famous projects. Among those is the Dubai Hills Estate which is a 2700-acre multi-purpose development. Nestling an 18-hole Championship golf course inside and green spaces spanning across 1,450,000 sqm. The residents of the community will have naturally pleasing scenic views from their windows.

Families moving into the area would love the presence of 3 elite schools that offer quality education. Every residence of the community comes with state of the art infrastructure and architectural design. Boasting absolute luxury and the most comfortable lifestyle one can have, Dubai Hills Estate welcomes everyone. From an investment point of view, the rental yields speak out to investors who have the budget to afford a remarkable addition to their inventories.

Business Bay

Dubai’s Business Bay has been under development for a long time. However, the hard work and patience are finally starting to pay off with a commendable community all ready to welcome investments and residents. Originally planned to be a commercial hub for industrial trade and production, it seemed odd to not have residential communities nearby. Thus, developers like DAMAC, Deyaar, Bonyan and others took the initiative of offering high-rise apartment complexes.


Providing an opportunity to start with a comparatively lower investment. Business Bay manages to be a popular area that’s only going to prosper more in the near future. Moreover, the guarantee of high rental yields adds to the appeal that the area has for investors, buyers and employees who work in the area.

Dubai South

Facing a lot of criticism as well as speculation throughout the duration of its development. Dubai South is another name that has emerged in the list of most popular areas to invest. People were dubious about whether it will ever be as developed as the inner city.

However, recent developments in the area have started gaining prominence in the eyes of visitors and tourists. The latest highlights of Dubai South show that people who have frequent traveling in their schedules are in the market for temporary rentals.

Having discussed everything above, it’s clear that although there’s no shortage of areas for investment, it’s a game of patience, research, and opportunity. Those who play their cards right will inevitably reap the profits they seek. Hope you love reading “Invest in Dubai Expo 2020”

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