Is it a Masonic Polo shirt in Fashion?

Masonic polo shirt

When it comes to men’s apparel, the adjectives “classic” and “iconic” are frequently employed, but none are more appropriate than in the case of a Masonic polo shirt. In reality, little clothing in a man’s wardrobe has had such a significant presence and evolution. The Masonic polo shirts are classic and a must-have on any excellent spring or summer ensemble.

The Masonic polo shirt is nothing more than a simple t-shirt with a collar closed by two or three buttons and sometimes provided with a small pocket. Traditionally worn for polo, golf, or tennis, polo shirts are nothing more than a simple t-shirt with a collar closed by two or three buttons and sometimes provided with a small pocket. It comes with either long or short sleeves, and the fabric is often piqué cotton.

When should you wear a Masonic polo shirt?

A Masonic polo shirt can be worn in many situations. Perhaps the wearer has a problem with sweat. Wearing an undershirt t-shirt will add an extra layer of protection, preventing the polo from getting wet.

On an excellent but not frigid day, the shirt can also act as a layer of insulation. A long-sleeved shirt will also keep your arms warm in a casual situation. Again, the long-sleeved alternative is for informal events. It is not suited for a simple business day or impressing others, such as at a sporting event with friends.

As long as you are at ease, that is. Shirts are considered undergarments, although we now wear them as a top layer most of the time. Depending on the weather and the occasion, you may even wear a tank-top undershirt under a t-shirt if the latter is my outermost layer.

Has the Masonic polo shirt trend has gained popularity in 2021?

The Masonic polo shirt’s fundamental and sporty design has remained unchanged since its conception at the turn of the twentieth century, and it appears to have no plans to do so in the future. The way this superchip piece of apparel is worn is, however, changing. Polo has established itself as the prominent protagonist of every decent spring or summer outfit, both casual and business, by filling the formality gap between the classic shirt and the T-shirt.

Make sure your undershirt is a tighter fit than the polo shirt you plan to wear over it, or you’ll end up with strange wrinkles and drapes, as well as portions of your undershirt poking out of the sleeves or elsewhere. To avoid showing through, make sure the undershirt is a lighter color, including any printing than the polo shirt or the same color.

When to wear a Masonic polo shirt and how to wear it?

Polo has always been associated with casual elegance, and it has been a focal point of the athleisure trend in recent years. Because, while polo shirts are still the official uniform for tennis players and golfers, the very fashionable pieces are also seen in the most innovative working places, where intense heat, especially during the summer, causes everyone to choose them over shirts.

The new Masonic polo shirt comes in simple or piqué styles and is constructed of brushed cotton or moss stitch texture. They mix the fabric’s softness with the shirt collar’s elegance. Furthermore, one of the benefits of piqué cotton knitwear is its well-known breathability, especially in the summer.

Final thoughts

The Masonic polo shirt is a more refined version of the T-shirt and can be worn in the workplace with single-breasted jackets, destructured blazers, and cotton tailored pants. You can wear it in the office only if the company’s etiquette allows it.

During the summer, in addition to wearing polo shirts with chinos and moccasins, another option is to wear them with classic Bermuda shorts, cotton shirts, and boat shoes. But it does not stop there. The polo shirt pairs well with jeans and tailored cotton or linen slacks for resting after a long day.

The solid Masonic polo shirt color produces a sophisticated preppy effect, eccentrically in contrast or with the rigidity of tone on tone is a good choice. On the other hand, the striped variant has a stylish marine sailor vibe that goes well with navy blue slacks.

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