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Is Micro ATX Bad for Gaming?

Micro ATX can be good for gaming, and it is certainly not a wrong choice. Read more details and answer about “Is Micro ATX Bad for Gaming?”


It is pretty easy to expand a particular thought in the whole community, and the people will start following it. The same scenario goes for the gaming community, and if a single opinion of one goes viral, many start to get confused and as themselves questions that would not be necessary.

Well, one of those questions is, is Micro ATX bad for gaming? Can you really enjoy gaming with a case that is small and compact? Can you actually integrate all your desired components into it without facing many problems? Well yes! Micro ATX can be good for gaming, and it is certainly not a wrong choice until or unless you have very specific requirements and needs. That is why we will take a look at some advantages of Micro ATX cases, and some disadvantages too!

Why can Micro ATX cases be a good choice for gaming?

These are some of the reasons that would be able to tell you why Micro ATX cases can be good for gaming.

1- The size, of course!

Size is the main factor why Micro ATX cases can be good for gaming. Just like the name suggests, these types of cases are pretty smaller than the standard ATX cases. This also actually means that you don’t have to get excessive space for your computer to work properly, and you can do everything in a short space without any problems. Aside from that, the best small pc cases will also let you manage everything easily as you don’t have to face hurdles or manage the whole big chunk of tech.

2- Better airflow

This is the precise part where some people might disagree, but Micro ATX cases can definitely give better airflow because of their size. When you opt for a big-sized case, you have to place a good number of fans in it so that those fans could maintain airflow within the PC. But when it comes to the Micro ATX cases, only two fans can do the job because of the lack of space.

Some people consider that the airflow suffers because of the size, but it actually does not! You will just have to find the best gaming PC cases that are compact and have reliable fans integrated into them to get everything done.

3- Great availability

ATX and Micro ATX cases might be one of the few types that you can easily find in the whole computing market. You don’t actually have to look for hours to find a Micro ATX case that could fulfill your needs. All you will really have to do is search for a specific brand, and hundreds of choices will pop up in front of you to choose from.

Disadvantages of Micro ATX Cases

Everything that is offering you advantages will also offer you disadvantages. That is why it is essential to look at the consequences of Micro ATX cases too to remain safe in the future.

  • Compatibility: If you are going for a Micro ATX case, it is very unlikely that it will support the standard ATX motherboards or other sizes. You will not be able to use the bigger motherboards, and you will have to stick with the smaller ones for your case. If you plan to go for Micro ATX or Mini ITX motherboards, you will not feel any discomfort, but it can be quite drastic in a reversed situation.
  • Components placement: Bigger GPU coolers with greater height, stylish, RAMs, or even more significant number of storage devices can create trouble for you if you have a Micro ATX case. As Micro ATX cases are smaller, the whole space available in the case gets smaller. That is why you can face hurdles integration a GPU having three fans, or the RAMs with extensive design, or some of the latest coolers.
  • Cable management: Cable management is one of the most hectic things you can ever face in a Micro ATX case. Your life will indeed become hell if you have got a power Supply with fatty and covered cables and if your case does not have dedicated space for cables.

The verdict!

So these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Micro ATX cases that will surely help you to determine if you should go for them or not.

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