Is My Tree Sick or Dead? How to Check a Tree

A tree that may seem good to your eyes may have issues that can destroy its health. As a homeowner, knowing when a tree is in problem is not that simple unless you know what to look for while you inspect it.  Brown leaves, peeling bark, and the growth of mold in a tree are some of the signs that indicate a tree needs help from certified tree services in Sacramento

Well, other times, it can be difficult to tell whether your tree is dying, sick, or dead. A professional arborist has a specialization in how to save a tree, maintain its health, and how to plant a tree so that it grows healthy and strong. They are the best professionals for tree care and assessing your tree correctly. 

While you follow good practices to maintain your tree’s health, it’s also important to look for signs of a dying or a dead tree. If a tree is sick or dying, it can be saved by an arborist. However, a dead tree is a safety hazard for your family. It can destroy your home property and can be dangerous for the people around you. 

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Here Are the Signs That Could Mean a Tree Is Dying :

  • The tree has fewer healthy leaves left on it
  • The tree roots have the mushroom invasion
  • You are seeing signs of tree fungus. 
  • You see sloughing bark 
  • a peeling or flaking bark
  • Cracks in trunk and wounds in a trunk
  • The tree has developed a lean 
  • There are dead woods 
  • Seeing signs of root damage.
  • On scratching the bark, you see no green underneath the bark
  • Pests invasion

Saving a dying tree is possible with the help of a professional tree care service. Failing to notice your dying tree can lead to its death and tree removal. Tree services will let you know whether your tree is dead or there is still a chance it could be saved from dying. Most sick trees can be bounced back to life if given the right treatment plan. With the help of an arborist, you can save the tree planted in your landscape design in Sacramento

What to Do to Save a Dead Tree

Once you get suspicious that your property has a dead tree, call a tree removal service as soon as possible. Leaving a dead tree all alone can not only damage your property and the area around but also could be a threat to human lives if it falls. The quicker you act when you notice signs of dying or dead trees, the more chances there are to save a tree. 

Always hire a professional and experienced tree service for assessing the tree you suspect to be dying or dead. Tree service companies have arborists that are knowledgeable in helping you know if you need to go for tree removal in Sacramento or use a treatment plan for saving the tree. An arborist is aa  right tree professional to inspect your trees for signs of dying or sickness.

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