Is the world going plant-based?


Not too long ago, the only option for eating plant-based food in restaurants was limited to the local Indian food places. It may have even been hard to get vegetarian food, let alone vegan or wholesome plant-based foods.

In recent years, there has been a massive surge in plant-based food consumption. In this article we will discuss some of the key reasons why we are seeing such an explosion of interest.

1. The environment

Global warming is one of the biggest threats to mankind and planet earth. Many emphasize transportation as the major contributor to global warming. With electrical and potentially also water-based vehicles a big part of the issue can be resolved.

However, experts appear to agree that the animal agriculture industry may have an even bigger negative impact on global warming. As such, people are moving away from meat, fish, dairy and other animal-based products to put a halt to the animal agriculture industry.

Documentaries like Cowspiracy have given further rise to the vegan and plant-based movement, encouraging people to stop the unsustainable and immoral dietary habit of consuming animals.

2. Health

Nutritional doctors appear to agree on what the optimal diet for human beings is. A mostly plant-based, unprocessed diet brings the most nutrients to the human body. In parts of the world where traditionally more plant-based foods were eaten, statistics appear to show that people from those parts of the world have less chronic diseases.

To the contrary, in large parts of the Western world in which more animal-based and processed foods are consumed, chronic disease is skyrocketing. This has made a lot of people question their dietary and lifestyle habits. As a result, more people have gone plant-based and more supermarkets and restaurants are catering vegan food.

3. The Game Changers

A surprising viewpoint is presented in The Game Changers Movie. The reason many people resist a plant-based diet is because they have the idea that it is a nutrient deficient diet, especially when it comes to protein.

However, research presented in The Game Changers clearly shows that athletes can and do benefit from a plant-based diet. They appear to recover more rapidly and can sustain a high level of energy for longer periods of time. Examples of plant-based athletes include tennis superstar Novak Djokovic and Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton.

Certainly, the documentary has made a lot of people think twice about what they eat. In response to the documentary, the world saw a spike in plant-based enthusiasm. Are you making the transition too?

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