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How Islamophobia covers Europe and Why Dramatic Increase Now?

Islamophobia covers Europe and it is increasing systematically because it has fixed its roots in European politics and active support.


Islamophobia in Europe is increasing systematically because it has fixed its roots in European politics. There is no single event, but a series of attacks against Muslims to target their religious and national identity proves the alarmingly increasing Islamophobia in Europe.

And if asked, nobody will accept that the thoughts prevailing are Islamophobic and hurting the sentiments of a big community living in Europe.

Charlie Hebdo Reprint of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s Cartoons:

Do you know about the Charlie Hebdo Shootings in 2015? A French magazine named Charlie Hebdo is a satirical weekly magazine that printed the blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad SAW originally in 2015.

After that, a mass reaction could be seen on the roads all over the world. Muslims all over the world protested against this act, but nobody listened.


They reprinted the same blasphemous cartoons in their recent September edition and got the backfire from the Muslim community from all over the world. An attack on the staffers of Charlie Hebdo came out to occur just a week after the publication. An attacker attacked more than two people with a knife and wanted to kill Charlie Hebdo.

This attack is no doubt condemnable, and criminal proceedings are carried out. But will anyone take action against the blasphemous content reprinted in Charlie Hebdo that hurt the sentiments of millions of trillions Muslims living in the world?

Islamophobia is not New:

This year, one attack was taken place in Germany and one in London against the Muslims and these attacks were on a religious base. Not only this, a columnist of the New York Times, Dr. Narzanin writes that this is not new; a 52% increase in attacks against Muslims were recorded only in 2018 in France alone. There is an increase of 74% anti-Muslim attacks in Austria with 540 cases reported, she reports.

Just after the controversial bill passed in the parliament in Paris that veils Muslim women use are not allowed in public places also faced a lot of criticism from the Muslim world. I remember a picture of a German journalist in a bikini captured with her Muslim colleagues in Veils got so viral on social media but does that depicts Europeans’ overall behavior against Muslims?

No, That was just a gesture to show the woman a power symbol. But overall, the European society is indulged with Islamophobic ideas and getting intolerant against Muslims day by day.

Why is Islamophobia Covering Europe?

This could be why there is no such legislation against the on-ground processions of the far-right extremist groups all over Europe. Europe claims to respect freedom of speech but doesn’t define the freedom of speech and freedom of hate speech when it comes to hate against Muslims in the world.


Muslims in European airports are mostly checked in a way that insults and lowers a person’s dignity. They are treated mishandled in many public spots by other people just because they are Muslims, but no law can grab such actions.

Only the one incident since now has been seen in New Zealand is that the Christchurch Mosque Shootings were seen as acts of terrorism. Otherwise, only a Muslim can be a terrorist by the definition of a common European notion. The Christians, whenever captured for attacking Muslims, were labeled as mentally retarded and released.

This contradiction of the European mindset creates hatred and a gap among Muslims and European societies.

Muslims are seen to find the Umrah Packages and Halal Holiday Opportunities on google searches, and it is to avoid the behavior of the west. But that doesn’t mean that Muslims are non-friendly and don’t want to travel the world for this single reason.

9/11 Bought Worst Circumstances for Muslims in the world:

This hate against Muslims worldwide and specifically in Europe has historical roots, but talking about the recent 9/11 attacks and their outcomes is much easier to analyze the Islamophobic rhetoric. After the 9/11 attacks, the world has reacted to Muslims so badly.

Every single Muslim were considered a terrorist because of religious identity. After the September attacks, the attacks on Muslims increased to double, and the governments started to cancel the nationalities of Muslim Families to deport them to their original countries.

Many Muslims migrated to their motherlands because of the insecurity and threat of terror living in western countries. This treatment once again divided the world into anti-Muslims and Anti west sentiments.

Today people talk about antisemitism, which means a hate factor against the Jews because of their religious identity but ignores the Muslim’s basic rights living in the same societies.

The world has to grow up to have a new dimension of tolerance and understanding each other. Communities live together with harmony when social justice is served to all the communities equally. Hope you love reading “Islamophobia covers Europe”

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