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8 jobs for dogs in human territory

You brought home the bundle of joy that walked your house and grew up to be the adorable sweetheart that won everyone’s heart with its innocence and kisses and cuddles. They are now part of your family and serve you with love and dedication. Read more about jobs for dogs in human territory below.

Domestication of dogs went long back when humans were farming, and dogs performed tasks like protecting the farms from rodents and small destructors. Man and dog have a rich history of looking after each other and protecting each other against common threats as and when they arise. In addition, these little paws have been helping men in work that required their expert senses and running ability. Following are some of the jobs that dogs perform to help mankind in their endeavours: 

Service dogs: 

Service Dogs 101: Everything You Need To Know About Service Dogs jobs for dogs in human territory

dogs can aid people who are partially abled or disabled to perform certain tasks that can be transferred to the dogs. People who are visually impaired, partially deaf or suffer from seizures may take help from the dogs. Dogs are specially trained to be tolerant of people to accompany the handler in public places and navigate crowds and situations for their owner.

There are special guidelines regarding the service dogs or assistance dogs in the Americans with disabilities act. After behavioural training, the service dogs are prescribed by a health practitioner, and the day to day life can be made much simpler with them. Golden retriever, Labrador retriever, standard poodle, and German shepherd are commonly seen service dogs.

Therapy dogs:

They are trained certified animals that offer kisses and hugs to calm you down. Therapy dogs are gentle, friendly and peaceful in any setting and around people. Studies have found that petting a dog lowers blood pressure, releases oxytocin and decreases cortisol levels. Therapy dogs visit various institutions like hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centres and injured people. Dogs provide emotional support, therapeutic effects to the sick and the needy. They are trained to be obedient, are healthy, happy and registered for the therapy services they provide. 

Police dogs: 

6 Police Dog Breeds That Help Law Enforcement | Great Pet Care jobs for dogs in human territory

can dogs see in the dark? Can they sniff out stuff? Can they hear anything? Due to heightened senses, incredible loyalty and intelligence, dogs can help the police and the law enforcement personnel with work and investigation. K-9s assist the police in chasing down the criminals, holding and watching criminal suspects and sniffing out criminals and illegal substances, weapons, and bombs.

Dogs are trained to be aggressive and super strong but at the same time obey the handlers. They must pass the physical test of chasing, running, jumping the walls, climbing the stairs and keeping still. One of the best job in our list of jobs for dogs in human territory.

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Search and rescue dogs:

A highly evolved sense of smell and direction; dogs are often the best resource while searching and rescuing missions.

They have the advantage of size and are agile, brave enough to track down humans in disaster areas, like avalanches, debris, fires and waters. Their sense of direction allows them to retrieve lost humans in extreme conditions. They are trained from a young age on reward-based games that expand into search and spot games.

Their sense of smell is trained to sniff, hold and immediately recognise the smell of humans and even differentiate the smell from one another. It may take anywhere from 1-2 years to completely train and certify the dogs of this field. 

Herding dogs: 

Do herding dogs automatically know how to herd? | Dog Training | Animal  Planet jobs for dogs in human territory

Herding dogs were the first to be domesticated by the shepherd of the old. They then bifurcated into police dogs, service dogs and so on. Herding dogs are working dogs that are highly instinctive, alert and on toes. They help the owner round up the cattle or sheep when the day sets low and helps the shepherd to quickly finish the work.

Herding dogs must have an eager bark, athletic build, hardy coats, quick reflexes and keen eyes. They generally come from Australian shepherds, cattle dogs, heeler, Border collie, Collies, Corgi, Shetland sheepdog (or sheltie). 

Drug detection:

Sniffers are trained to smell out substances or groups of substances that may be illegal or harmful.

Dogs can smell and exact the location of illegal drugs, weapons, bombs, explosives, blood and human remains. They are employed in law enforcement and police work. In the medical field, dogs can literally smell out cancer, blood sugar levels, and seizures.

They are also trained to spot bugs (like bed bugs), animal faeces in biological terrain. The drug detection dogs are trained in ways of passive, proactive, dual purpose. The passive trained dogs work under the lead and are obedient and search people in non-intrusive ways; the proactive dogs work off lead but are very much under control and search at events and crowded places. 

Sleight dogs: 

5 Best Dog Sledding Movies Ever Made - Manawa Blog

The pack of dogs leading the sleigh or a cart is a sight of wonder, but in the northern areas, it is a necessity. Dogs pull sledges and carts to deliver products and people in the cold climate where snow is abundant. The strength and organisation required to drag the cart forward or pull sledges in the snowy surroundings require special training and specially built harnesses. Huskies and malamutes are the best for these tasks, known for their strong and resilient breed. 

Dog actors:

when a collie named Blair performed in the first movie Rescued by Rover, the family film raged the theatres. The negatives of the movie were exhausted and had to be refilmed the second time with the dog. Dog actors undergo rigorous training and answer the call of direction and react to external stimuli in the camera’s face: doesn’t sound that easy, does it? There are a set of rules set for the employment of animals in the cinema:

  • On-site AHA presence to monitor the use of dogs (and other animals)
  • Required vaccinations and health certificates
  • Special dispensations for underage performers (i.e. puppies)
  • Protective guidelines for interactions with animals that might impact prey or reproductive drives
  • Stipulations for crates, shade, fencing and other housing/comfort issues before the animal’s arrival on set


Canine training and employment are not unusual as they open doors for dogs to be adopted and employed to stay active, be loved and serve the purpose of their life. Many of these dogs come from the shelter and homes for the homeless dogs, which are then recruited for their unique abilities and breeds for the purpose they are best suited.

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