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Website Feel is the Key to SEO Improvement in 2021 – Amir Articles

How do you get the website? What should a good website look like? Read Key to SEO Improvement to know more about it to get better results.

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How do you get the website? What should a good website look like for you? A good website will undoubtedly have a lot of total traffic and generate very good profits for your company. But what are the factors that endanger people’s websites? The following web editing will tell everyone from many levels.

First, the article must be readable.

There is a lot of information on Internet technology. To open all a site, the information on the site must be relevant and consistent with the site’s content. The site must have a readable article, or articles will encounter an open rate, but the specific retention rate, eventually resulting in google search engine’s keyword ranking, continues to fall problems.

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Second, the website content has a high degree of recognition.

A high-quality article that the bottom will have a lot of gossips, this kind of interaction will not only enhance the attention of web pages to enhance the participation and customers, but customers can grasp the point of care. If the article is very high or if the quality is good, there are also several news media to share, which is beneficial to the exposure of the website and the improvement of well-known brands.

Subsequently, the content of the article has independent innovation.

The content of many websites is, all the same, lacking independent innovation, the content of the article has its own merits, and there is no strong readability. Many readers have no interest in continuing to read.

After the website feels

The feeling of a website is the key to SEO improvement, and it is also the basis for the mid-to-late conversion of the website. If a site cannot give customers a good feeling, the readers will not stay even if the site has some excellent content.

Long-tail keywords mining method

In many cases, if you want to make search engine rankings stable, you will do some long-tail keywords. Therefore, how to mine long-tail keywords? Let’s let the web editors talk about it together with the severe crackdown.

How to mine long tail keywords? The methods of mining long-tail keywords include the following:

Special tools based on keywords built into the search module

Google backend has the function of a keyword search. It is also a good choice to analyze and mine keywords according to the built-in special tools. This kind of word results from the customer’s immediate search at a very large level, so it also has a certain amount of page views and the actual effect of conversion, and the same is true for related searches.

The drop-down list is a single search, the amount of expansion is relatively small, and it is not suitable for a large number of long-tail word expansions.

Advantages of long-tail keywords

The search volume of long-tail keywords will not be as large as the subject term, but the relative subject term’s competitiveness is much smaller, and the conversion rate is also very good.

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We can reasonably arrange long-tail words in professional categories, content web pages, and article content. Websites with many long-tail keywords have a wide range of customer searches, and the total traffic generated by many words is also very large.

Effective application of long-tail words

After digging out the keywords, the key is how to apply them. When applying long-tail words, you can’t apply them if you keep reading the article smoothly.

Mining long-tail keywords based on competitors

It is also a very good way to mine long-tail keywords based on competitors. According to the analysis of the other party’s website, select the long-tail keywords after selection.

Rely on special tools

It is enough to dig out long-tail keywords based on the relevant work and list them out. You can also use Baidu search to search for drop-down words or matched related words as long-tail keywords.

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