Kingdom valley Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

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Kingdom Valley is the housing project started with the collaboration of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The owners and developers of the housing society are Kingdom Group who knows the art of creating residential projects. Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is the CEO and Chairman of this society. The experts prepare the layout of this housing society, ensuring that residents get all the facilities with luxuries.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The Naya Pakistan Housing scheme aims to provide 5 million houses to Pakistan’s needy and homeless population and create job opportunities. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the project. Moreover, it is the first housing society of Pakistan that has cleared all the technical processes. To move further, let’s explore the perks and privileges of this housing society.

NOC-Kingdom Valley Islamabad

As we have mentioned earlier, this housing project is in collaboration with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. So, the no-objection certificate (NOC) of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is approved by Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Which is crucial for the better development of society.

Master Plan

The master plan is in the stage of implementation on the government level. Furthermore, this housing society offers commercial, residential, commercial, farmhouse, and villas plots at affordable prices. Moreover, the kingdom valleys provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, health facilities, and amusement parks for recreational activities.

What makes the kingdom valley different is its variety of plot specifics. Some of these are as follows:

  • Residential plots: Almost with all the facilities, the residential properties are affordable, which can meet the financial requirements of the residents. Moreover, the plot sizes of residential plots start from 3.5 marlas to 1 Kanal.
  • Overseas Executive Block: The overseas executive block provides more facilities to its residents. The plot sizes of kingdom valley vary from 8 to 16 marlas.
  • Commercial places: Business opportunities is the core of every housing society. So, kingdom Valley also offers such opportunities to its residents. The commercial plot sizes range from 4 to 8 marlas.
  • Farm Houses: To add serenity to the housing society, the makers have introduced farmhouses. As we all know, farmhouses are much in demand these days; it’s a way to get a break from the hectic routine. The plot sizes of farmhouses range from 2 to 8 Kanal.
  • Kingdom Villas: These luxurious villas are there to provide luxury and comfort to the residents of kingdom valley. Moreover, the villas can be owned and rented by the residents. The plot sizes of villas start from 3.5 to 5 marlas.

Location of Kingdom Valley

The first point which all investors keep in mind is the location of the housing project. To facilitate the people of Pakistan, Kingdom Valley has come up with a futuristic and accessible site. The area of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is near the new Islamabad airport and M2-Motorway (Lahore to Islamabad).

 Moreover, the housing society is near Islamabad international airport, Rawat-Chakbeli road, Adiala Road, and Chakri road; this indicates that this housing society is highly accessible. Whereas the kingdom valley Rawalpindi makes it an easy and accessible option for the residents of Rawalpindi.

kingdom valley islamabad payment plan

The housing society is extremely affordable according to different plot sizes. Moreover, they divide the payment plan into four years to provide ease to its residents. However, the investors have to pay the down payment according to the size of the plots. The price range starts from PKR 975,000/- to PKR 13,000,000/-.


This housing society ensures that its residents should get all the facilities they deserve or they require. They have worked hard to make it a well-managed community, so they have added several privileges for their residents. Some of them are as follows:


Whenever we plan to make a real estate investment, religious needs are the utmost priority. So, the housing society is building a beautiful and grand Jamia mosque for its residents.

Water Arrangements

Proper storage and filtration plants are built in the kingdom Valley to facilitate their residents in daily household chores.

Basic Necessities

Life and death are the reality. Therefore, there is a provision of a  graveyard, health and education centers. The hospitals and clinics will be open 24/7 and will meet international standards.

Why invest in Kingdom Valley?

Kingdom Valley provides tons of amenities and facilities, which we have discussed earlier. It is in collaboration with the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme. Therefore, the housing society keeps the affordability factor in mind and the comfort of its residents. From residential to commercial plots, there are a variety of sizes available. Moreover, the community ensures a clean and eco-friendly environment.


If you prefer comfort with luxuries and affordability, this housing society is a suitable investment. The kingdom housing society keeps an eye on the need of its residents. It provides high-quality infrastructure, mosques, security, education, health, commercial, and business center all in one community.

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