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Kitchen Gadgets For The Tech Loving Chef

Today’s kitchen is full of appliances and gadgets that make cooking (and clean up afterwards) a lot easier. These are our top picks for gadgets and appliances that would drastically change your experience in the kitchen.

Protect Your Freezer Contents With a Freezer Alarm

If you get yourself the best freezer alarm, you will never need to worry about food spoiling in your freezer due to a power outage or any other freezer malfunction. The devices monitor the internal temperature of your freezer and send you an alert if the temperature strays outside a pre-set range. Thawed and refrozen food is a major food safety risk, and this helps you avoid that situation.

Food Processors Are Your Friend

Most  people don’t make full use of their food processors if they own one, or don’t consider investing in a good one at all. The truth is, most of the prep work involved with cooking can be done with a food processor and the convenience can encourage you to cook more. Try to invest in a more heavy-duty model, so you can delegate more tasks to your food processor. Additionally, the higher-end models usually last longer than cheaper models. You can knead bread dough, chop vegetables, make soups and sauces – all with the help of one machine.

The Instant Pot Hype Is Not For Nothing

Browsing pinterest, you’ll probably encounter dozens upon dozens of “instant pot” recipes. It’s actually an electric pressure cooker, which is safer than a stovetop pressure cooker, and also functions in a few other ways depending on the model you get. It is a convenient way to cut back on cooking time, while reducing energy costs. The best part? There’s usually only one pot to clean. 

Eco-Friendly Dishwasher

You should know by now that dishwashers save you a lot on energy and water bills, helping you save the planet and your wallet simultaneously. Modern dishwashers are able to clean the toughest dishes in a heartbeat, and the convenience is a nice change from washing dishes by hand.

Induction Stovetop And Convection Oven

The beauty of induction stovetops is that the heat is almost entirely transferred to the pots and pans  – making it more efficient. It is also safer than gas or other electric stovetops because there is no risk of gas leakage, or burning your hand on a hot element since the heat only transfers to specific materials (not your hands). As for the convection oven, the heat is distributed more evenly, giving you a better roast or bake.  You can even use it for making home made pizzas!

All these gadgets can make your life in the kitchen significantly better. If you can afford to upgrade your kitchen, you may find that you will enjoy spending more time cooking and less time ordering out. Even if you aren’t a particularly good chef, you can learn from trial and error, and using gadgets like a food processor will make recipes much easier to learn.

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