All you need to know about the KBC lottery

KBC lottery

KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is a lottery show which is viewed all over India. Almost every Indian family has a tradition of watching this show together. One of the main attractions of this show is the world-famous actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan is seen as an inspirational anchor who has won millions of Indian hearts. The show has become an essential part of Indian television. Not only that, but it is also a lottery show that millions of people tune in to watch.

Kbc lottery winner show gives away hundreds of thousands of rupees to its winners. Although, many people have made fake websites and networks to steal money from people while pretending to be working with KBC. This has caused an uproar amongst many people who have fallen prey to this fraud. Therefore, always use the official website to get information.

Official website

The official website is very professionally made with an attractive interface. The website has information published by KBC, such as past Kbc lottery winners. You can also find the entire list of KBC lottery winners along with the date of winning. This allows you to confirm that the prize is real.

As KBC is a top-rated show, having skyrocketing rankings and viewership, many people try to create a fake website to manipulate citizens. Therefore, only use the official website for any official information.

Fake websites

Recently, there has been a surge in fake websites and cases of fraud as many crime groups are manipulating ordinary people. For example, these groups call random people and tell the receiver that they are a KBC lottery winner.

Hence, the people go to suggested fake websites where they see their name. after that, they are asked to give their information and pay a processing fee to transfer a mega prize of 2.5 million rupees. But, at the same time, the real KBC staff would never ask for personal information or contact information.

How to register

You don’t need to give away any information or contact information; just simply call the KBC lottery winner and get yourselves registered. You will receive a serial number; using the number; you can see the status daily on KBC’s official website.


the lottery system is designed to help the poor class of the country. By becoming a KBC winner, many people’s lives have been transformed. The lottery amount is enough to change anyone’s life and uplift them from poverty.

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