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Kratom: Its Therapeutic Role for Improving Mental Health

Kratom, a plant native to South Asia, is a psychoactive plant species. Many people use it as alternative medicine in several parts of the world to treat various ailments like pain and even depression. 

Even though there aren’t enough studies to back up the therapeutic role of Kratom, its benefits are pretty evident from the experiences of people who found relief with its appropriate use. Are you wondering how Kratom can be a good alternative for people suffering from mental health issues? Keep reading to find out how this herb can prove to be beneficial. 

What is Kratom? 

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen psychoactive plant species found in various parts of Southeast Asia. It is also known as Ketum, Biak, Thang, Kakum, and Thom. Kratom is widely used in many countries for its opioid-like effect. 

A few active ingredients present in Kratom leaves are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine, which are alkaloids and are effective on the opioid receptors in the human brain. Because of this effect, it helps in relieving pain and induces calmness. These active ingredients are extracted and used in various forms. 

Kratom is usually ingested in the form of powder, gum, capsules, tinctures, and extracts. People also eat the leaves fresh or dry and boil them to make medicinal tea. It can be smoked or vaporized as well. The method of ingestion influences its effect on the body. In lower doses, Kratom boosts energy. Whereas in a higher amount, it induces sedative effects.  

Different strains of Kratom are also available. They include Maeng Da, Red vein, Indo, Green Malay, Thai, Borneo, etc. If you’re planning to get Kratom for yourself, you must enjoy the therapeutic benefits from effects gold Bali kratom.

How can Kratom help improve mental health? 

Talking from a scientific perspective, Kratom contains indole alkaloids as active ingredients. Indole alkaloids have proven to be pharmacologically effective in treating people with mental health issues.  

These alkaloids interact with dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine receptors in the human brain. Hence, the alkaloids can become a part of treatments and therapies to help people with anxiety, migraine, depression, and even schizophrenia. Kratom has been stated to be effective in creating a stimulant effect on the brain.  

Some other indole alkaloids like paynantheine and speciociliatine can also be found on the Kratom leaves, which are also helpful in treating mental health disorders. Because of this composition, Kratom has been proven to be one of the best alternatives to conventional treatments among people with psychotic or depressive disorders. 

The following are some vital benefits of Kratom: 

It might help elevate mood: 

Kratom consumption can help improve mood through interactions with several brain receptors, alleviating anxiety and depression. 

Muscle relaxation: 

It might aid muscle relaxation, helping people to feel calm and composed. This helps a person with mental health issues to feel relaxed and get quality sleep. 

It can help overcome addiction: 

Another significant benefit of Kratom is that it may help people who harm themselves by abusing opioids. People addicted to opioids undergo dangerous side effects and symptoms. Substituting opioids with Kratom can help manage these side effects and help overcome addiction. 

It might help in alleviating PTSD: 

Kratom can also help people with PTSD. It is better than conventional drugs, which have a lot of side effects on the patients. Kratom can help these patients by improving their mental health, and some report that it gives them a feeling of normalcy, which is vital for treating people with PTSD.  

Experts see a promising future with Kratom as an alternative to opioids. However, you need to keep in mind plenty of considerations before opting for Kratom as an opioid substitute. 

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What should you consider before using Kratom? 

Like any other herb, you need to use Kratom in appropriate dosage, and the method of ingestion should also be suitable. FDA does not regulate it; hence there are no official guidelines for usage. However, you must follow these guidelines while using Kratom:  

    A low dosage includes 1 to 5 grams of Kratom and results in improved energy and attention. 
  • A high dose of Kratom would contain around 5 to 15 grams and could induce opioid-like effects, pain relief. There could be an onset of side effects as well. 
  • A risky dose would comprise more than 15 grams of Kratom and lead to sedation and severe side effects. 

The dosage has to be kept in mind before consuming Kratom. You need to use an adequate amount of Kratom for the results you want, and not anything higher, which could lead to risks. Talk to an expert for detailed information on risks. 

Another important thing is not to abuse or overuse Kratom. Kratom misuse can lead to several implications for your health. Stick to the appropriate way of consumption to see benefits and minimize possible risks. 

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Mental health disorders could be tricky to manage and can hamper every aspect of your life. If you’re looking for a holistic alternative remedy for your mental health troubles, Kratom could do wonders for you if you use it appropriately.  

When you begin using Kratom as a treatment for mental health improvement, consider all the aspects mentioned above. It can undoubtedly help you achieve sound mental health! 

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