Latest Traveling and Aviation Trends in 2021

Latest Traveling and Aviation Trends

The travelling industry is one of those few sectors that mostly remain unaffected by the global plunge. However, this perception was completely changed during the current Covid-19 pandemic when this sector suffered a great setback. Amidst the pandemic, for the first time in decades, travelling came to almost a halt. No commercial or charter flights were allowed to take off. Read about Latest Traveling and Aviation Trends below.

However, times are changing now, and things are getting back to normal. But there’s still a lot of things that the aviation industry is learning from the ongoing pandemic.

Having said this, we’re going to talk about some travelling trends that have become the new norm. And they are:

Contactless Services

One of the biggest attractions of flying commercial has been the numerous shopping and retail options accessible as a pre-departure recreation. In addition, retail income had been one of the most significant sources of income for airports outside the aviation revenue, i.e., 30%.

However, due to the current situation, openly shopping and eating has become a luxury rather than normal. To serve in the current situation, brands adapt to new safety and hygiene measures such as minimal human interaction, biometric verification, and contactless serving.

Even though these measures are not new innovations, the pandemic has definitely sped up their adoption. From buying things at the airports to check-in and boarding, everything is becoming contactless.

Pre-Ordering & Payment of F&B

Just like contactless services across the airport and contactless home deliveries of F & B have become normal, the trend is now also prevalent in the aviation industry as well. Now, you can also order food in the same way at the airport. Even though currently, only a small number of airports and aviation companies are offering this service, this trend is going to grow in the near future. 

Think Local Before Global

With the travel bans in place all over the world, international travel and tourism has become almost stagnant. These restrictions along with sky-rocketing airfares, domestic travel is becoming the first priority of travellers now. Instead of flying to exotic holiday destinations, people are opting for their domestic holiday destinations. 

The way this trend is fastly spreading, it won’t be long until cluster travelling will become routine, i.e., Asians travelling within Asia and Europeans within Europe.     

Flexibility & Agility

An important lesson that the Covid-19 pandemic taught us is to be flexible. If you aren’t flexible, you cannot adjust to the new changes. This is something that the travel industry is adopting as they’re becoming more flexible regarding flight cancellations and bookings. 

Instead of cutting massive amounts from ticket prices like before, airlines are becoming more understanding in terms of cancellations. This gesture is improving the user experience and more people prefer business travelling again.

Health Passports & Vaccination Visas

Another major technological advancement that became applicable this year is the use of digital health passports. Even though the concept of a digital health passport has been around for quite some time, it still needed time to become practically applicable.

Currently, International Air Transport Association (IATA) is tirelessly working for its development, and as per resources, it is available after the Q1 of 2021. IATA believes that by using digital health passports, they’ll be able to monitor and control the spread of Covid-19 more effectively. Currently, many countries across Europe are making use of health passports for screening passengers. 

Countries like Austria are only open for tourism to those people who are fully vaccinated and have a health passport. 

Aviation Industry is Reshaping

After the crisis that the aviation sector faced because of the ongoing pandemic, they have redefined the way they used to operate. Instead of having a huge number of staff over the airports, the industry is relying more on automation. 

After going through the struggle of generating revenue for making their ends meet. The aviation companies have dramatically raised their fares. This has made it quite heavy on the travellers’ pocket and most are ditching air travelling for road trips. As a result, instead of hiring full time employees’ companies are putting their staff on lay off.      

In all, the ongoing Covid-19 has completely reshaped our lives. While people are still adapting to the new norm, companies are finding it hard to survive. However, with the travel restrictions easing, travelling is resuming to usual and well-reputed operators such as Empire Aviation have started offering their services again. Therefore, wherever you’re travelling, consider flying private to avoid all the hassle. Hope you love reading about Latest Traveling and Aviation Trends.

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