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Learn About Dhow Cruise In Dubai

Dhow Cruise is considered to be one of the most luxurious and quality experiences while visiting the most glamorous city Dubai. The cruising experience not only allows the people to have quality food, ambiance, and various entertaining events on the cruise but also a refreshing and enjoyable experience for the beloved family and friends.

It offers the explorers an immense amount of standardized services and modernized aspects to meet the explorational nature of enthusiastic travelers from around the world. But before talking further about the services and overall experience of the Dhow cruise in Dubai, let’s have a look at what Dhow cruise is.

What is Dubai Dhow Cruise?

Dhow Cruise is considered to be the traditional wooden boats that were used earlier for the transportation of various goods and commodities. With the increased technological advancement and innovation, the Arabs have now transformed the wooden cruise into luxurious and beautiful restaurants. These Dhow cruises involve two decks one is being closed and fully air-conditioned and the other has an open-air aspect to it. Apart from its artistic structure and ambiance, it offers visitors to experience quality and standardized food, beautiful ambiance, and lively entertainment.

Various Kinds of Dhow Cruise

In Dubai, there are various kinds of Dhow cruise options for people to enjoy both during the day as well as the nighttime. If you are more inclined towards the cultural heritage and history of the city then Deira Creek Dhow Cruise will be ideal for you to experience as it allows people to see the Arabian and traditions of the city. On the other hand, the Marina Dhow cruise is also very contemporary in its ways and takes you to the lively and vibrant side of the city that offers you to taste the glitz and glam of the world’s most amazing city to explore.

Quality Services at Dhow Cruise Dubai

The Dubai Dhow cruise offers its visitors a great number of quality services to its visitors that involves the following aspects:

Delicious Food

The food served at Dhow cruise Dubai is delicious, fresh, and of great quality. Also, the menu involves a wide variety of cuisines such as International, Indian, Mediterranean, Emirati, and much more. You can also request while booking for the cruise whether you want to have vegan dishes or some other additional delicacies related to various cuisines. You will also be treated to one of the famous beverages of Dubai that is Kehwah.

Soothing Ambiance 

The Dhow cruise Dubai offers its visitors great peace of mind and quality of enjoyable and refreshing experience to the visitors. The visitors can surely have a fully enriched and wonderful experience while being their beloved family and friends and this may allow them to achieve a true sense of peace and calm which is a great break from the dull and monotonous routine of day to day life.

Quality Entertainment

The amazing Dhow cruise in Dubai is all about offering customers high-quality entertainment that involves professional Tanura dancers especially from Turkey, Live music shows, and entertaining music from DJ which adds more value and wonderful touch to the overall experience of the visitors that are in a quest to explore Dubai in the most elevated manner and to make lifetime memories.


The Dhow cruise in Dubai is all about providing the explorers with great quality traveling experience that is full of great quality food, lively entertainment, soothing and refreshing ambiance which adds value to the overall traveling and exploration experience of people in the best manner possible and make them feel refreshed for a great while.

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