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Let’s Learn STAAD Pro Easy Tricks – Ultimate Tutorial for Beginners

STAAD Pro is one of the most popular design software applications in the world. Read about easy tricks to Learn STAAD Pro in short time.


Due to the drastic rise in technology in a few decades of hunger for comfort and ease, we generally are thriving for more and more. This universal human nature has bestowed the world with some incredible discoveries and inventions.

The things that we could not imagine since a few years back are happening now. Such is the growing stature of technology. If we make full use of all the facades of technology, we could reach a level that cannot be elaborated in words.

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Talking about the miracles of technology, one such miracle is STAAD Pro. Though looks a bit ambitious but has posed a great significance in modern society. Its popularity can itself be stated from the fact that each infrastructure built nowadays has STAAD pro principle behind it. Such is its stature. 

You must be curious now as to how and where to learn this design software. Many STAAD Pro training is provided by premier online institutes such as Civil Era. Civil Era is that platform started by two structural postgraduates and now rose to immense fame in recent years. You provide online civil engineering software courses, which must learn for every civil engineering aspirant.

About STAAD pro:-

     STAAD Pro is one of the most popular design software applications in the world. Owned by Bentley Systems in 2005, it has hung its boots to every aspirant in the world nowadays.

It stands for structural analysis and design software Program and their top-favourite because it’s user-friendly and easy to learn and operate. Not only this, but STAAD Pro also has a free version that can be downloaded through the internet. The name of that latest version is STAAD Pro V8i.

     As we know, this software is exceptionally vast and to get to know it in a few days is a heavy task even for the most experienced candidates. But through the Civil Era, we have bought certain easy tricks that can be applied to gain better proficiency in the software.

I have listed it below. Please have a look, but before that, it’s always vital to get to know each in-depth conceptual knowledge related to civil and structural engineering. While these tricks are useful but to gain full proficiency, you need to understand the conceptual knowledge. 

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Tricks to kickstart your STAAD pro practice:-

Let’s start with the first trick:-

  1. Instead of relying on first clicking on the STAAD pro icon then start of the new project. Then model it from the beginning. The best thing is to start by opening AutoCAD Civil 3D, and you can import the same model from that software. The reason being AutoCAD Civil 3D is relatively easy to operate. 

In terms of modelling something. While after that, we open the STAAD Pro software, clicking on file then single click on Import where you will be taken to the dialogue box containing all the files. Click on the AutoCAD file at whatever name you have given. Open it and off you go.

Now the best part is that you have saved considerable time. The first model, the drawing then the start of the remaining process. It’s easy to import from an AutoCAD file. The basic trick for every aspirant to know.

  1. The next exciting trick is that we have started to initiate the remaining process to analyze and design. We have specific tabs on the left-hand side of the Graphic User Interface. The tabs’ names are very familiar for every structural engineer who has gone through each concept of civil engineering. The name of tabs are as follow-
  2. General-It implies the process that we do in general.
  3. Geometry– To assign any shape to it, we use geometry tabs like rectangle, circle, or trapezium.
  4. Setup– To initiate anything, we first need to set up the necessary parameters.
  5. Material– The type of material we need to assign to the model like concrete, steel, etc. 
  6. Load & definition– Two types of loads are there. They are live load and dead load. Live loads are loads of occupancies in the building and are dynamic while the dead load is the static load that remains stable throughout like the self-weight of the buildings.
  7. Support– To provide that balance to the building, we use various supports like Roller supports, Pinned support, Fixed support, Hanger support, Simple support. These supports are provided to it.

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  III. Primarily, there are five types of co-ordinate systems, but in STAAD Pro, Cartesian coordinate systems are being used widely. Every aspirant should have a thorough knowledge of all kinds of the coordinate system.

Cartesian coordinates have X, Y, and Z, where X is the horizontal axis from point 0, Y being the vertical axis from point 0 and Z being the distance from the screen to infinity. Whatever kind of modelling we do in STAAD pro is done concerning X, Y, and Z.

 IV. Last but not least, various views of looking at the model has been a prime feature of this software. Though it is applicable for other applications and clarity and accuracy are somehow more in STAAD pro.

The various views are a top view, front view, side view, isometric view ( 3D view ), etc. Every aspirant should have a thorough idea about such views. We do the modelling but to have a detailed analysis of all parameters; it is vital to have a detailed view of every angle. Therefore, these types of views come into play.

Final Verdict:-

Above shown are some of the crucial and essential tricks for every aspirant who is willing to learn STAAD pro. These tricks should be considered for saving your considerable time and gain higher proficiency during STAAD pro training that you are willing to go for.

Through Civil Era, you can become proficient in such software and have the basic knowledge of computer applications before such as shortcut keys, etc. 

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          Thanks for having your precious time going through the entire content. Do share with everyone willing to opt for their career in STAAD pro from Civil Era. Not only this, but we deal with other structural design software applications as well. Hope you love reading “Learn STAAD Pro”

          Have great day aspirants. Good luck with your future!

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