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Learn the best way to save emails to PDF

Emails are a popular communication method among people in today’s world. They also contain lots of useful information. Hence, we often come across the need to use emails for litigation purpose. This is where you may think about looking for the best ways to save emails to PDF. It should not be a challenge because there are few different methods available to get the job done. Let’s quickly explore one of the most proven methods out of them.

Using an automated wizard to save emails to PDF

Among different methods available to save emails to PDF, we strongly encourage you to start using an automated wizard. That’s because it will automate most of the tasks that you have as you go through the process of saving an email to a PDF document. You just need to go through few simple steps to get the job done. On the other hand, you will never have to worry too much about anything as you go through the process.

Our wizard can convert any form of file, regardless of size or attachments, into a correct PDF version with Bates-stamps and bookmarks. Here’s an example of output. Its simple interface conceals a strong engine built on years of email conversion expertise.

What are the benefits of using our tool?

We provide law firms a feature-rich desktop tool that allows them to prepare emails for e-discovery and litigation without having to hire an IT company. MSG to PDF isn’t the only option. You can handle all common email kinds using the wizard.

Our first goal is accuracy, so you’ll receive an identical PDF copy of the original email. The papers’ validity and integrity are never compromised.

You can embed attachments in the final PDF, save them in their original file formats, attach them to the PDF, and save them in a different folder; alternatively, compress them and store them in the same folder. For each scenario, our software provides exactly what you want. The PDFs that result may be fine-tuned to meet your court’s requirements.

During conversion, you may stamp bates or add Confidential remarks. You may also go on with the bate stamping from the previous document. Using the bates stamp page number on the first page of each document, rename the output files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to integrate all of my emails into a single PDF file?

Sure. You may combine any number of MSG or EML files into a multi-page PDF using the Combine option. Creating an extra-large PDF when you have hundreds of thousands of MSG files in your case is pointless. No other app will be able to open it in the future. As a result, you may determine the maximum size of each PDF. For example, you limit the maximum size of your PDF files to 30MB. Your MSG or EML files will be processed and combined into 30MB PDF papers by Email Detail Litigation.

What options do I have for customizing Bates stamps?

You may customize bates to your requirements using our tool. Your stamps’ number of digits, prefix and suffix, typeface, and color are all customizable. The stamps may be placed in six different locations on the page. Text watermarks and page counts may be added at the same time. Email Detail Litigation’s major goal is to save you time.

What is the maximum number of emails it can handle?

There is no limit on the quantity of files or mailboxes that may be stored in our program. You may convert as many MSG files to PDF as you need with a single license.

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