Let Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore Care for Compliance

You should think of trusting your business’ statutory compliance to the experts from Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore. You can reduce the costs involved by choosing a package offering freebies.

By hiring one of the qualified corporate secretarial services, you can free vital resources. It enables you to save time and money and give complete attention to the core goals of your business.

The secretarial services Singapore assists you in complying with the Companies’ Act successfully. They also ensure your business’ compliance with the regulations forwarded by ACRA. The agency governs all the companies in Singapore and has established a framework for the companies to conduct their business.

Appoint At Least One Company Secretary for Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

The incorporated companies in Singapore have to appoint at least a company secretary. It is an obligation they cannot escape. You have to act within the six months from the registration of your company. The current market trend is to hire one of the experienced providers of company Corporate Secretarial Services.

If you are thinking about starting a Singapore company, you could search for an incorporation agent that offers freebies with the package. The corporate secretarial services in Singapore like Achi Biz are renowned for these.

A three-in-one incorporation package cost less. You get the company registration,  and local registered office address for $699 only. Or, you could opt for only company secretarial services for $299 only.

Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

It does not matter whether you opt for a three-in-one package or the standalone company secretary services. Its benefit to you remains the same. The secretaries employed by the Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore take care of the following tasks for you.

• Conveying of meetings, preparing agenda, recording minutes, & maintaining attendance sheet

• Maintaining company’s statutory registers

• Circulating board resolutions, accounts, annual reports, & interim statements to shareholders

• Preparing Director’s Report/ Compilation Report

• Managing shares & fielding shareholder’s questions

• Transfer of shares

• Paying ACRA’s fees & Filing Annual Returns

• Maintaining the register of company’s shareholders, directors, secretaries, & auditors

• Maintaining the register of the company’s assets

• The opening of a corporate bank account

• Knowing details of Directors’ shareholdings

• Communicating due dates of ACRA filings to directors

It is not very difficult to hire a company secretary for a Singapore private limited company. The appointee must have the knowledge and experience to take care of the responsibility. However, in the case of public limited companies, you have to hire a qualified and experienced secretary.

• A Secretary for Singapore Public Limited Companies

• You must find an appointee who must,

• Fulfill criterion prescribed by the Legal Profession Act (Cap. 161)

• Be Registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore

• Be a member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

• Be registered with the Singapore Branch of Association of International Accountants

• Be registered with the Institute of Company Accountants in Singapore

• Benefits of Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore


The cost of outsourcing to a corporate secretarial services Singapore is much more affordable than that of employing an in-house secretary. And, you get serviced by the professionals.


The reputable company secretarial services Singapore hire highly talented and experienced professionals who offer quality services. They know how to take care of your statutory requirements.


Letting a company secretary from a services provider to take care of your compliance, frees you from administrative work. You can pay more attention to the core goals of the business.

There are alternative to outsourcing to a corporate secretarial services Singapore. You can do the task yourself if you have the time and inclination. Or, you can hire a full-time secretary who may prove to be a costly alternative. Hiring a Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore saves your time, money, efforts, etc. It certainly takes a load off your back and reduces the stress that an administrative task can cause.


Board Meetings are a corporate governance matter. It is typically conducted by the Board of Directors. However, the company secretary plays a major role for the smooth conduct of meetings. If you do not want to waste your time, you can hire professional assistance.

The business owners and directors are usually preoccupied with the core tasks of their business. With an in-house director, you cannot afford to have them focus on internal corporate governance matters all day long. It may interfere with their main work.

It helps to hire a qualified and experienced secretary for corporate secretarial service in Singapore by you for this purpose.

A professional company secretary can free the entrepreneur from these duties, so that he/ she can concentrate on the core operations of the business. They have years of knowledge and experience in handling corporate governance matters successfully.


In Singapore, selling is the most important task of a company secretary. They can also help you to promote your company, and they do it very well. Corporate Secretaries in Singapore assist the executives to promote their products and services and give them an edge over competition. One of the best ways to sell corporate secretarial services is through your website. Make sure that the website is designed by professionals having good knowledge about internet marketing strategies for business so that it reaches out your prospective clients.

The best way to sell corporate secretarial services Singapore is through a face to face meeting. This way, you can find out the client’s needs and expectations and you will be able to find the right solutions for your client.

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