Licensed Towing Vs. Unlicensed Towing


What’s the difference between licensed towing and unlicensed towing? Read the ultimate guide that can actually help you a lot about both.

What Would You Choose?

A car can be your best friend. A dependable companion that will always take you to where you need to go and get there in a fraction of the time it would have taken on foot or by train – but don’t let this convenience lull you into thinking they are infallible!

Cars may not last forever as many people think – some cars might break down if their owner skips an oil change; others could run out of gas without warning. Thankfully, drivers today also carry spare tires and jugs with them at all times so that these problems won’t hinder one’s day-to-day life for very long.

The eternal question arises when you need tow truck service: should I call a company with pricey and licensed operators or save some money by calling an unlicensed one? The choice can be easy for someone who needs the job done as soon as possible, but if it’s just something to do in your spare time—let’s say for fishing purposes of all things!—then saving that dough is not such a bad idea.

When facing this question, there are several essential issues to be considered:

Professionalism: When you need reliable towing services, a licensed company is your best bet. The qualified technicians will give you comprehensive assistance and are up for anything without hesitation. Unlike a non-licensed tow truck with inexperienced techs who can’t handle any situation well on their own, these professionals don’t have problems when it comes time to get all of those stranded cars off the streets!

Quick response: When you need help, call for a licensed towing company. They can offer assistance within 30 minutes and will always have fully geared crews at the ready!

Availability: When you call a licensed towing company, someone will pick up the phone. This is because dispatch centers are manned 24 hours a day and 365 days per year by an operator that can take your call when needed. Sometimes there’s not always someone available at these times of emergencies which could mean if you find yourself placing the emergency order for help, it might be a while before anyone picks up on the other end!

Price range: Calling a licensed towing company means you know that the fees will be higher. But then, what are your other options? Some companies charge less, but they also have hidden costs!

Boston towing companies will be there to assist whether you need help with a dead battery or your car is stuck in the snow. We have been providing roadside service for years and know what it’s like when things go wrong. Our team of experts is always on call 24/7 so that no matter where you are at any time of day, we can get out quickly!

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