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Lipofilling of the Buttocks: Indications and Contraindication for Augmentation of the Buttocks with Own Fat

Volumetric and proportional buttocks are the dream of almost every woman. Read more about “Lipofilling of the Buttocks” in this guide.


What do the Kardashian sisters, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B has common ? Beside millions of followers on instagram and godly sums of money in their bank accounts, one more thing they have in common is big breasts and even bigger butts. Boob jobs have been in business for a while now, but as of lately butt implants are on the rage, no thanks to the above celebs. 

Volumetric and proportional buttocks are the dream of almost every woman. Today, lipofilling is an advanced tool for making this dream come true – a procedure created for those who are aimed at achieving the fastest and most lasting result without implants and artificial fillers.

Lipofilling is a surgery to correct or enlarge the gluteal region by transplanting the patient’s adipose tissue. Today, the most progressive plastic surgery clinics use the innovative American Vaser-liposuction technology , which provides the most long-term effect. Vaser is a unique ultrasound technique that emulsifies and displaces adipose tissue.

Stages of Vaser liposuction

Before the start of the procedure, a special marking is applied to the buttocks, indicating the zones for the introduction of fat. The “donor” zones are also marked, as a rule, this is the waist, or abdomen, or excess fat on the hips, or “rollers” on the sides. At the first stage, Vaser-liposuction of donor zones is performed – with the help of ultra-thin cannulas (needles), the surgeon takes adipose tissue along the muscular relief of the body, making the donor zone clearer (the line of the press on the abdomen, or hips, or waist). In the second stage, the extracted fat transfer to hips area is done via tiny punctures. In this case, the surgeon does not make any incisions and, accordingly, does not apply sutures. At the end of the procedure, cosmetic micro-stitches are applied to the punctures.

Benefits of Vaser Buttock Lipolifting

  • the possibility of combining lipofilling and liposuction;
  • high degree of viability of the removed fat cells;
  • safety – the body does not reject its own cells;
  • clarity of the relief of the donor area;
  • no risk of an allergic reaction, the formation of capsular contracture or necrosis, the likelihood of the formation of depressions and bumps; 
  • quick rehabilitation and minimal tissue trauma;
  • natural appearance of the buttocks immediately after the procedure, no transition between the endoprosthesis and soft tissues;
  • stability of the result in the absence of stress jumps in weight (-15 / + 15 kg).

Indications and limitations for buttock lipofilling

Indications for buttock lipofilling are:

  • age-related changes in tissues;
  • flat shape or visible asymmetry of the buttocks;
  • scars and scars pulled inward; 
  • sagging of the gluteal region due to weight loss; 
  • leading to the removal of part of the gluteal muscle injury. 

The procedure should be postponed during the period of taking vasodilators, exacerbation of chronic diseases and high fever. In addition, permanent restrictions on lipofilling are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • severe pathologies of the heart and blood vessels;
  • diabetes;
  • malignant diseases;
  • mental disorders;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • blood clotting disorders. 

Rehabilitation period

The first results from buttock lipofilling can be assessed 3-4 months after the procedure. During this time, the body removes non-viable fat cells, and the remaining ones finally take root. Although lipofilling of the buttocks is a low-traumatic operation, some complications are possible. The first days after the operation are accompanied by painful sensations, which are relieved by the doctor with the help of analgesics, pinpoint hematomas persist for some time. Minor swelling may occur within 7-30 days. In some cases, symptoms of skin numbness and decreased sensitivity are observed, which pass after 2-6 months

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