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10 Must-Know Things Before Going For Lip Fillers – Amir Articles

Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure and like other cosmetic procedures. Read about Things you must know before going for Lips Fillers.


Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure, and like other cosmetic procedures, you need to be entirely sure of your decision. Getting lip fillers should be solely your personal decision, and you should not be swept away with what others have to say. However, it would help if you understood that there is a lot you need to know about this procedure before getting it.

Many patients come out with different points of views about the procedure, and since you are preparing to get one, we thought we should share our professional point of view. Read below tips about Lips Fillers.

Get the right doctor

We cannot overemphasis this enough. Many people have gotten the wrong amount of fillers in all the wrong places and came out with uneven looking lips because they got their services from unprofessional hands. This should be your first step when determining where to go.

There are lots of reviews on the websites of clinics, and you should read them. Examine as much as you can so that you can filter out the most typical occurrences.

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Do not take too much; you can always top the fillers

Yes, you want to get that sweet pout, and it can be tempting to get it to your heart full. But hold it there; you may not appreciate the result of a full lip. Our doctors prefer to give you half a syringe and allow you to check out the results in a couple of weeks.

If you think it is still too small, you can go back for more. Do not forget that there will be swelling immediately after the injection and you will have to wait a few days before seeing the final result. You do not want to leave the hospital with an awkward sight.

Make a rethink; how big should it be?

You do not want to end up with extra-large lips neither do you want to feel like there are not enough changes and like you wasted your money. So, how exactly do you want the lips to look?

Do you prefer something more dramatic or will you go for the more subtle looks? Communicate your desires to your cosmetic surgeon, and he will know how well to correct your current look to the desired one.

Get yourself ready before the appointment

Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (like Aleve or ibuprofen), aspirin, fish oil, vitamin e, or multivitamins the week before the appointment. These vitamins or medications can thin your blood and make you more liable to bruising after the appointment.

Do not use caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before and after your appointment. It will help reduce swelling. You can also take arnica before and after the appointment to help reduce swelling.

Carefully consider the type of filler and its cost

At first, we started with just collagen, but now, there are a lot of variations. We currently mostly use hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. Restylane will give a more natural look, and Juvederm will make your lips plumper and pillowy. However, your doctor will know the most suitable for you after examining your lips.

The procedure is speedy, and you will get instant results

The appointment for this procedure does not last longer than an hour, and it is only because you will spend some time talking to your doctor about the process. After that, he will mark the points with a white marker and inject the filler.

After the appointment, you will see immediate results, but there may be bruising. To help reduce the swelling, hold a pack of ice to your lips after the procedure. If you have bumps on your lips, maybe the filler is too close to the top of your skin, and it is correctable. Speak to your surgeon.

If you can bear the pain, do not use numbing cream

The numbing cream can help reduce the crazy pain from your Cupid’s bow, but avoid it if you can. It will induce a natural swelling and make it difficult for you to differentiate between the actual effect of the injection and the cream’s influence. The fillers may be just enough, but the cream makes it look too much.

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Know the risks involved with fillers

Lip fillers trigger cold sores so people prone to it should take medications for cold sores three days before the appointment. The services of a professional during the aftercare will take care of the rest.

It is not a cheap procedure

Lip fillers usually go away within six months, and depending on your metabolism; it could be faster. The procedure can so squeeze your pocket, and you should be ready before going for one. Ask around for the professionals’ best price and consider how much you will have to spend on the procedure yearly.

The effects of fillers are reversible

If you think that getting your lip fillers was a mistake, talk to your doctor. He will give you some hyaluronidase that will help break down the hyaluronic acid safely and quickly.

Helpful tips with fillers

When considering lip fillers

  • Take it slow and know that you can always have more shots
  • Know that your lips are supported by your teeth[, and uneven teeth will produce uneven looking lips
  • Try faking the effects of a fuller lip on your face to see how the result of a lip filler will look on you
  • Go to a professional that will be able to manage all the side effects.

We are Lip Fillers London, and we will like to handle your lip filler procedure. Contact us here. Hope you love reading guide about “Lips Fillers”

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