Lithium Battery Termination Tapes

Lithium Battery Termination Tapes

What are the usual termination tapes for lithium batteries? The lithium battery adhesive tape is largely based on polyester film and acrylic glue is coated by means of base materials used mainly in the process of manufacturing of the soft pack battery and the lithium polymer battery nucleus for adhering or protecting the surface of aluminium plastic film. High resistance to heat, no residue adhesive, resistance to scratches, resistance to perforation, goods that meet ROHS requirements. Battery earband is the main specific isolating tape for battery ear manufacturing, as well as the main material for lithium polymer battery quality. Read about Lithium Battery Termination Tapes below. Quartz Crystals is also very useful in battery you can prefer.

Lithium battery termination tape

Lithium battery termination tape is made up of a polypropylène insulation material as a base material covering the special acrylic collar on the electrolyte for lithium battery, with a thickness of 0.016mm, 0.020mm, 0.03mm, 0.035mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm, especially for lithium-ion battery insulation and fastening protection, and other features with strong e-strength characteristics. We have the best EVB tape for you.

Pack tape for lithium battery

Lithium battery packaging mainly uses special polyester, film polyimide or fibre wire, insulating paper and other basic materials, spreading special acrylic glue or silica gel glue, which is mostly used to isolate and secure the top, edge and bottom of the aluminium plastic film packaging, the binding and fixing of the t battery. Lithium batterical packaging tape is thin and soft, with strong viscosity and a solid resistance to voltage; it has great viscosity, high tensile power and good resistance to temperature, and no residual glue is taken off after long-term use. The lithium battery battery is bonded with high resistance.

Characteristics of the termination tape?

Lithium battery band refers to the electricians’ band for the prevention and isolation of electro-disposal. It is ideal for wire connection, electric insulation protection and other features, with good insulation and fire resistance, resistance to weather and to other properties. One of the required electrical engineering tools is the battery tape.

Lithium batteries are coated in one step by a fully automatic coater, which is China’s first-ever technology, and then processed and fabricated through constant high-speed tension automatic control cutting and rewinding; the entire manufacturing process is completed in a 10000 level purging workshop with high production equipment accuracy, product stability and high precision.

The product features a single adhesion, adhesiveness and residual glue formula and production method. Application: the product is mostly used for cylindrical, square, lithium-ion medium and small batteries, high-power lithium-ion batteries and other components for insulatory protection and fixation. We can provide you the best BLU adhesive.

Core termination tape

It is used to secure the pole ear position and the winding position of cylindrical, square, small and medium-sized electronic lithium batteries and big power lithium electronic battery cells to avoid end and puncture.

Pack high temperature tape

It is used to seal the end, protect the bottom of a bottom insulation and bind the lithium battery steel shell, aluminium shell, cylinder and soft battery and power cell connection.

Polar ear tape

It is utilised in a stainless steel, an aluminium shell, a soft pack, a cylinder and other battery ear components. The solder connections covered in ultrasound welding can prevent solder joints from punching the diaphragm, leading to shorter coil circuits, high temperature resistance and resistance to electrolyte corrosion, and increased battery internal resistance.

Mara tape

It is employed on top and bottom of the cylindrical battery to paste black red blue adhesive and is utilised in different battery package procedures.

Fiber tape

The unique adhesive layer is highly pressure sensitive and has great permanent adhesion, excellent resistance to alkaline, high tensile strength and deformation resistance, outstanding self-adhesiveness, insulation and heat conductivity, and high resilience to temperatures. It is used to bind small power battery protection. Hope you love reading about Lithium Battery Termination Tapes.

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