Living In the Rockies: The Top Cities in Colorado

Living In the Rockies: The Top Cities in Colorado

Nearly 6 million people live in the state of Colorado, and this number has been rising over the past couple of decades. Read about Top Cities in Colorado below.

Colorado is home to some of the most picturesque views and exhilarating mountains to ski down. If you are looking to move and want to live in an area with a community and nature, Colorado is a great destination.

Continue reading to discover the best cities in Colorado to move to with your family!

Colorado Springs

One of the most popular cities in Colorado that people are moving to is Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is an affordable area that is perfect for families who love nature. Moving here will give you the sense of being in a small town but there is also quite a bit of livelihood to keep you busy. Check out if you need help buying or selling your home!

This city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and trails that you can hike regularly.


If you are looking to live near a popular ski resort that will keep you busy all winter long, Telluride is the place to be.

Telluride, Colorado was previously a mining town in the Rockies. Over time it has become a luxury destination for skiers and snowboarders from around the country. During the warmer months, the resort is open for golfing and there are plenty of attractions to see.

You can live within the historic district or on the outskirts of town if you want more privacy.


Even in the larger city of Denver, you can still be surrounded by stunning views and nature.

Denver is a popular place for families to move to because there are plenty of jobs in the area and things to do. Denver is in a central location of the state, which makes it easy for traveling.

This is a perfect place to live with a family. You can visit the museums, botanical gardens, and the best restaurants Colorado has to offer.

Castle Rock

Close to Denver is the smaller city of Castle Rock that could become your new home.

Castle Rock is a unique city that is beginning to grow with jobs and opportunities. Since this city is located between Denver and Colorado Springs, it also provides an easy commute for those working in the city.

Although Castle Rock isn’t as large as Denver, it still has an abundance of shopping centers. Having close access to these makes it easier to live around because you won’t have to go far for groceries.

The Best Cities in Colorado to Consider

If you are thinking about moving to the Rockies, there are many places to consider.

By utilizing this guide, you can find the best cities in Colorado and identify where you belong. Depending on the views and location you want, there are many options to check out that will impress you.

Don’t be afraid to make the move to Colorado. This state is beautiful and packed with plenty of activity.

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