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Looking For A New Studio Apartment: Here Are 7 Things To Consider

Are you looking to rent an apartment? Have you ever heard of a studio apartment? Do you want to rent a studio apartment? You might have heard of serviced apartments or renting a usual apartment, but what is this studio apartment? Or are you actually searching for a studio apartment to take on rent? Read about Looking For A New Studio Apartment below.

Here we will first offer you a basic idea about the Little Italy studio apartments and also guide you with some tips to choose a studio apartment. 

What Is A Studio Apartment?

  • Self-contained apartment.
  • Studio flat.
  • Bachelor of bed-sitter apartment.
  • Efficiency apartment.

All these are the various names of a studio apartment. It is basically a small apartment, where you will get only a bedroom, kitchen, and a living room all combined in a single room. So, basically, it is a one-room apartment where partitions are there to divide into three different rooms for different purposes.  

Things To Consider While Looking Studio Apartments

If you have budget constraints, going with a studio apartment for rent in Singapore is a great option as long as you consider some basic things. Here we will guide you with those things. So. Let’s get through those factors.  

Natural Light

Studio apartments are by default small in size. Without proper natural light, it will look smaller. So, when you do not have any other option than compromising with the size and space, why will you compromise with other things like natural light. Make sure the apartment has wide windows and is full of natural light and proper ventilation. 

Vertical Space

Whenever you are going to rent a studio apartment, your horizontal space is getting limited. To make your space less clumsy and more spacious, you have to look for vertical space. So, while choosing an apartment, you must ensure that you are selecting the one with more vertical space. 

Ample Storage

Moving into a budget-friendly small apartment does not mean you can not have storage options as you can not fit a number of furniture you have to look for other inbuilt storage options. After all, you need a place to store all your stuff. At the same time, it is something you can not compromise with at all. 


Studio apartments are called studio apartments only because of their size. So, check out the other features before signing into the agreement papers. This place should always have similar features to usual apartments, such as kitchen appliances and fittings. The only difference is that the largest and usual apartments have an additional bedroom. 

Livable Space

This one is really crucial. You are going to live in that studio apartment you are about to rent. So, you should feel comfortable in space. Yes, studio apartments are indeed small and lack space, but that does not mean you will end up in a place that makes you feel cramped. 

Full-sized Appliances

When you are paying for an apartment, do not let your landlord say that they are unable to offer you full-sized appliances due to the lack of space. Instead of that, they are providing mini-sized appliances. Your studio apartment should have a normal-sized stove, refrigerator, washer, or dryer, or dishwasher. 

Cost Benefits

After all, you are renting a studio apartment because you can not afford to pay much for your living. That means you have to set a budget you can spend on renting an apartment. Check the apartment price when you have to compromise with the space; you should do it at a pocket-friendly rate. 

Final Verdict

The most prominent benefit of renting a studio apartment is it saves you a lot of money. But with less money, you can get great places as well. So, consider all the factors I have mentioned here when you are choosing a studio apartment. Remember you are already compromising with the size, so try not to compromise with the other things. 

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