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Five Kinds of Emotions Make Content Marketing more Attractive in the Eyes of Readers

Guide about how to make Content Marketing more Attractive in the Eyes of Readers explain with 5 kinds of emotion to begin.


People can forget what you did for them, but they will always remember the feeling you gave them.

Therefore, emotions are one of the key points to make the transmission of information to consumers easier and more effective.

Besides, many readers find a source not only for the Content but also because of the credibility and value of the writer because they believe in their genuine feelings gained after following the article.

So to create emotions in Content Marketing, we need to understand the types of emotions that readers often have when following articles as follows:

1) Feeling of fear Make Content Marketing Attractive

Many other emotions will bring consumers excitement when accessing information. Particularly, the feeling of fear is the emotion that you need to bring into your article so that the reader can more effectively accept the solution that you are getting.

For example, You may remember the famous campaign “No excuse – Wear a helmet” by Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam in 2007. There are many excuses for not wearing a helmet. The campaign delivered realistic and haunting footage of the consequences of not wearing a helmet in traffic, showing viewers that the accident happened to any of us.

When people are afraid, people tend to let their emotions take control and imply a desire to use a product in exchange for a sense of security. Everyone, without leaving a person, has never experienced this feeling. It is not because they want to make the right decisions, but they have to hate the consequences of making the wrong decisions.

For the use of ‘Emotional fear’ to not become a double-edged sword, you need to learn, research, and clarify the strengths and limitations of the product. Build content-wise that portrays your product’s standout from its competitors without making the reader unsure about the quality of all the products in the market.

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2) Feeling of love

Every reason for trying to keep people growing is often out of love. Love is a powerful emotion. People are willing to do anything to show their love for someone they love, in one way or another.

They always tend to share their value for things that are familiar and close, not except for the Brand (Brand).

If you build a connection between feelings of love, consumers will more easily access and absorb information in a better way. Not stopping here, the emotional factor of love also makes consumers hungry for products. Marketing effectiveness will be most evident through the continuous increase in sales.

For example: On the big holidays of the year, consumers always want to give love to the person they love most. As a result, brands are continually launching new products and advertising campaigns that emphasize emotions, making consumers spend more aggressively.

Especially on the 2012 Olympics, P&G launched a Campaign to pay tribute to the silent. Still, great mothers of Olympic athletes in particular and all mothers in the world in general. Thanks to this Campaign, P&G not only promotes an increase in sales but also builds Brand Love with a segment of mothers using diapers.

3) Feelings of pride

According to Maslow’s pyramid of needs, the highest level of human beings is the need to assert themselves. They always try to show their values ​​and their professional abilities and qualifications in return for recognition and respect from people in society.

Every activity that consumers make in their spending decisions today is what shows their self-worth in the future.

Therefore, you should promote this touchpoint to be able to optimize the consumer experience, clarify the feeling of satisfaction and pride in owning their products.

Example: Golfers often share a common interest in enjoying wine because it demonstrates their trendy, classy lifestyle, following their values. To market wine to this customer segment, you need to highlight the high quality of your product and demonstrate that using it will elevate your customers.

An example closer to life today, Apple is considered as an indispensable ‘ornament’ of young people in every selfie check-in on social networks. Thanks to the ownership of products from Apple, young people confidently show their stylish lifestyle.

In the booming era of information technology today, content creators need to know how to grasp the needs of human expression to a new level to Create Viral Content. Observe and approach problems sensitively, trying to give them a chance to express their point of view.

Besides, through observing consumer behaviour, we can see that social media users tend to express their self-worth by sharing information about their problems. Care on the personal page. They have an interest in Content, but not especially like and sometimes do not understand the information, but will still share the Content to prove themselves as stylish and have a taste.

4) Emotions of greed

Over the years of marketing, we have realized that greedy people are willing to spend more money than the average person. For them, not having anything is enough and they will pay any price to get what they want.

All brands take full advantage of this emotional touch to increase the likelihood of success when trading, making sales happen more frequently and smoothly. Using a strategy against greed will make consumers less likely to hesitate and spend more aggressively.

For example, the festive season is the time when big brands launch attractive promotional packages with customer care services that make consumers feel ‘bargain’ when dealing with days. Often.

5) Touching emotions

In making a purchase, sometimes what people ask for is something they don’t need. Existing after each need is objective reasons that only consumers can understand. Usually, the cause will revolve around the following issues: money, fame, relationship, and love.

Sigmund Freud, the famous “Psychoanalyst”, said: “Repressed emotions never die. They were just buried alive and returning under the ugliest form.

Suppose you spend time researching and uncovering the hidden stories, the intentionally hidden stories of the Target Audiences you are targeting. This is an undisputed advantage that will make your Content Marketing different and successful. See also a 5-step article on identifying and analyzing Target Audiences to help with your Content creation process.

For example:

In every successful and most memorable campaign, it always addresses the problems that exist in life and are skillfully resolved. This helps consumers who finish watching the Content feel energetic and flexible in relieving stress and pressure.


At this point, you have somewhat understood and understood the necessary information about the emotional elements needed in Content Marketing. Applying practice to your work through developing Content on media channels will enable you to lead smoother and more natural Content over time. Hope you loved reading “Make Content Marketing Attractive”

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