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6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Relationship Exciting and Fresh

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the ways you can make your relationships exciting and fresh once again. 

We’ll be looking at different tools that you can utilize with your partner to add a new layer of adventure and rekindle that long-lost flame:

  • How to communicate
  • The importance of spontaneity
  • Date nights
  • Flirty messages
  • Having your needs met 
  • Different ways to spice up your sex life


Most of the time when you enter into a new relationship, you feel as if you’re floating and on top of the world! Things feel new, fresh, exciting, and there seems to never be a dull moment between your partner and yourself. This period appears exciting that the slow fade of those initial butterflies is often overlooked, leaving you wondering where things went wrong.

That splendid newness eventually vanishes and transmutes into a newfound level of comfort that is priceless. But this transition can sometimes leave you out of touch with the magic spark. Comfort pivots into laziness, and familiarity begins to breed contempt. During this period, men’s health issues could arise, such as the lack of sex drive and low testosterone, to name a few.

But don’t stress! Perhaps if you find yourself in a long-term relationship, you simply need to recall what it is like to be in the honeymoon phase. It’s not uncommon for the honeymoon phase to fade. But it is not to say you should renounce the time spent establishing trust and your relationships’ evolution into emotional stability. Maybe reviewing the magic of a fresh relationship with novel ideas, adventures, and tools will relight that lost spark.

If you want to bring back the exciting and fresh element of surprise, keep on reading!

Surprising Ways To Make Your Relationship Exciting And Fresh

  1. Communicate with your partner – It’s pretty straightforward. Do you remember those countless hours upon hours spent talking with your significant other at the start of your relationship? Not to mention the thousands of text messages exchanged. When did the communication fizzle out?

A simple solution that can bring your relationship closer again is to start talking to each other – no texting or DMing via socials. This form of connection needs to be made face to face. Make sure to sit down for a catch-up or a deep talk about where you’re both at weekly. Make sure your significant other knows what’s going on in your day-to-day life, and always remember that communication is vital to having a successful and long-lasting relationship.

  1. Be adventurous – Love knows no boundary is a common saying we are sure you’re more than familiar with. At the start of any relationship, this saying could be true. Staying up all night long to make love and talk even though you have an early work-start the following day. Perhaps, you’re more familiar with those unplanned and spontaneous weekends away. Either way, you get the picture. But as relationships transition into more serious phases, the adventurous spark tends to fade. Although bank accounts don’t always permit last-minute trips and work-life balance dictates that weeknights are for sleeping, it’s super important to allow room for excitement and spontaneity from time to time.
  1. Spice up your sex life – It may seem impossible and far-fetched to spice up your sex life when you’ve been sleeping with your partner week after week. Don’t get stuck in old patterns and boring routines. Routines can kill even the best relationships. 

Role-play a little bit. Try a new position or buy a new toy to spice things up. Book a romantic weekend away at a hotel. These are just a few ways you can add some vitality back into your sex life. The list is endless!

If months of being stuck in a rut have taken their toll and you find yourself experiencing some form of men’s health issues, consider testing VigorNow. 

VigorNow is a natural male dietary supplement that may balance testosterone levels, leading to improved vigor and sex drive. According to VigorNow reviews, the supplement may also help reduce performance anxiety. Go over the reports from buyers before taking a supplement.

  1. Schedule date nights – During the initial phase of any relationship, couples tend to go on more dates. Yet, going on a fancy dinner date at the new trendy place in town gets traded for home delivery services. As a result, the relationship can become a little boring and predictable. Scheduling routine date nights at least once a month can add a new layer of excitement back into the relationship. Spend time together doing things you love.

One study found that going on date nights where the activities are stress-free and satisfying for both parties enhanced closeness and delivered improved relationship quality.

  1. Make sure your needs are being met – It’s important to communicate your expectations. Your partner wants to support you in every way, so if you feel like your needs aren’t being met, make sure to help her out and communicate how they can help you. For example, if you’ve got a lot on your plate and need them to take the load off by picking up some extra chores around the house or running routine errands that you’d normally do together, you need to let them know. That way, they’ll be able to act and support you accordingly.

Take note because if needs are left unmet over an extended period, it’s not uncommon for frustration and resentment to build. It’s easier to be open and upfront about your needs than to encounter hurt and desperation down the road.

  1. Send each other flirty messages throughout the day – When you’re not together, it can be a good idea to send your partner the occasional flirty text message or DM. This simple action can build excitement and anticipation that will be present the next time you see your partner. Use routine texting throughout the day to send messages of love, attraction, admiration, etc. But you shouldn’t feel afraid of sending a sexy message every so often to spice things up.


Even the closest of couples can get stuck in a rut and lose that spark. Yet, the most important thing to note is that you can be active and take matters into your own hands and get rid of the problems and stagnation in your relationship – injecting it with a new lease of life and adventure.

Make sure to test out the tools and ideas we’ve outlined in this article, that way, you’ll be able to find the solution that works best for you – whether that be trialing the best male enhancement supplement to spice up your nights or simply communicating more with your partner.

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