Make Your Vegan Smoothies Rich, Delicious & Satisfying By Following Tips

Make Your Vegan Smoothies

If you think vegan smoothies are not creamy and rich like the dairy based smoothie then I have good news for you. While dairy based smoothies get their richness from the milk and yogurt, there are various non-dairy options that can transform your vegan smoothies or protein shakes into something more creamy and give it a rich texture. 

Swapping The Ingredients For Better Vegan Smoothie 

The key to delicious, healthy and satisfying smoothies is using all the ingredients in balance: ingredients to make it smoothie and thick + protein source + just good sweetness. Below are some of the suggestions on ingredients swapping. 

Ingredients For Thickness and Creaminess

Use ½ to ⅔ of cup of any of the combinations mentioned below. 


Avocados are the perfect addition to smoothies, they add creaminess and give the right texture to the smoothie. Also, avocado’s neutral flavour won’t interfere with other flavours. 


Bananas are known as the versatile fruit that contains heart healthy potassium and provide a good amount of sweetness and right consistency to the smoothie. Also, it is the perfect way to include good nutrition and calories into your busy lifestyle.


Kale and spinach provide good fiber to the smoothie and extra nutrition. Just put a handful of spinach into the smoothie as it won’t affect the taste as kale is stronger so add only 2 small leaves. To alter their bitter taste, add sweet fruits or natural flavour boosters. 


You can choose fruits of your choice. There is no such thing as the right fruit to add to a smoothie. You can select the one according to your taste and preference. All you have to consider is how much fruit and its juiciness require to get things blending. If you are adding banana you will need some liquid to loose things, while in case of orange you don’t need extra liquid. 

Right Vegan Protein Choices 

You can add serving of each ingredients to your smoothie: 

Nuts or nut butters 

Unlike other nuts, cashews don’t leave pulp behind. Adding nuts gives the smoothie creamy texture and dessert like richness and a good dose of protein. So, next time add cashews, almonds, walnuts and you can also try coconut. 


Flax, chia, pumpkin, and hemp are all perfect sources of protein. Note that pumpkin, flaxseeds need to be properly ground to make the most of their nutrition. It will make your smoothies thick. 

Vegan protein powder 

You can find a variety of vegan protein powder with less sweetener added and in various delicious flavours. 

Some of the Other Vegan Protein Sources Are: 

  • Tofu 
  • Plant based yogurts 

These protein powder sources also work as a perfect thickener. You can add 1 to 1.7g of these in your smoothie.

Adding The Right Milk 

Plant based milks usually come in neutral flavors but it is better to taste them beforehand to know your taste preference. The consistency may vary but it will not make any big difference. So, choose the one as per your taste and preference. Some of the best vegan milk options are: oat, soy, almond, rice, hemp and coconut.

Bonus Tip

Now adding or not adding the ice is the question. If none of your fruits are frozen, add a few cubes of ice and if the fruits are frozen then there is no need to add any ice cubes. 


Adding the right ingredients can make your smoothie or vegan protein shakes tastier and healthier and don’t forget to do daily exercise . What do you do to make your smoothies creamy and lip smacking? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. 

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