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Makeup and Earrings: The right choice will make you a Showstopper

Can’t a woman do without makeup? That’s not true, sometimes a pair of earrings is enough to leave the house and enhance your face. But if you really can’t do without mascara and lipstick, learn how to combine jewellery and make-up

When you look at a look, in addition to sifting through shoes, dress, hair, make-up, what you focus on is jewellery, in particular, the earrings. These little beauty amulets in fact hide all the secrets of a person. But why do such small objects catch our attention so much, often more than make-up?

The art of combining makeup and earrings

The earring is not only a beautiful object in itself, but it is also endowed with the charm necessary to tell the beauty of the wearer. The antique earrings set online, whether it is with a stone, or pure gold, or even a costume jewellery item, is perfect for enhancing your person and everything you wear or embellish yourself with, starting with your make-up.

Combining make-up and earrings is an art, however, not always easy. First of all you have to pay attention to the colors: play on contrasts, or combine an earring with stone to the color of your eyes. If you opt for an intense make-up, for example, there are two ways to go: either to further enhance the colors with flashy earrings, perhaps very elaborate pendants, or to opt for an earring that only acts as a light point, like a diamond.

For a more exotic look instead, with flesh-colored lipstick and a light veil of eyeshadow on the eyelids, the ideal is a pair of hoop earrings in yellow gold, a model that never goes out of fashion, or simple drop or button earrings, better if of some precious stone.

Earrings without makeup

Buy artificial earrings set online, sometimes, are enough on their own. In recent times, among the stars and not only, make-up has become a very accessory element. Pair of ears adorned with two delightful jewels are enough to enhance one’s beauty. A natural beauty without makeup becomes even more dazzling when paired with the right earrings.

An earring for the shape of your face

There are hundreds of types of earrings, ball, pin, drop or trunk. Depending on your face, you need to understand which shape is suitable to match, and possibly to further enhance with makeup. A long face will need a pair of ear-set earrings and then rather large (but not excessively long), a square face a pair of medium-long earrings, pendants instead for oval faces. Bulky earrings are especially good for women who have a large, regular face. The volumes of the face and earrings will harmonize easily, enhancing each other. Those with a small face, on the other hand, risk wearing disproportionate earrings, which end up making the oval of the face, seem even smaller.

Those with a fair complexion should focus on bright earrings, perhaps with synthetic crystals, rather than very colored earrings, which would make the skin of the face appear even more pale.

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